Saturday, August 29, 2015


Royal treatment
I don't know what all the fuss is
about but some think I'm fussy.
We are who we are mostly due
to how we were raised. PLUS a
dash of genetic predispositions.
That's the only way that I can
explain my attention to detail.
While it may appear I'm putting
on airs nothing could be farther
from the truth. For some reason
I feel a need to live in the manner
I'm accustomed to. Therefore in
our house it takes no fuss to fuss!
Use it or lose it
Not only do I like having nice things -
I enjoy using them. Nothing sits on
a shelf no matter how "special" it is.
Everything we own is used on a fairly
regular basis. And while some find it
a bit intimidating, that is certainly not
my intention. While self consumed in
my approach to the domestic arts, our
home is your home. All we truly want
is for you to feel welcome, pampered,
and happy while under our roof. And
likewise... we enjoy feeling the same
way at your house. Mi casa su casa!
Mix & match
Our friends "M" & "R" laugh
at the dichotomy between us.
Their approach to life is more
casual. Yet there is a charm to
their carefree élan that I adore.
Last night we joined them for
dinner and truly enjoyed every
minute. From the start we felt
welcome and isn't that what
entertaining is all about... the
pleasure of one's company?!
We drank, ate, pontificated,
and simply had a lovely time.
Different strokes
"M's" boho chic couldn't be farther
from my rather formal approach to
dining. Yet after years of friendship
we're both more than comfortable
in each other's home. "M" sets her
table with a multi-hued melange of
family castoffs and tag sale finds
with a panache I truly admire. "R"
knows how to mix quite a strong
beverage which amply lubricates
our camaraderie. But last night it
was the food that stood out. While
not "fancy" it was simply delicious.
Catch of the day
We live within a mile from one of
Montana's best trout "creeks" - yet
rarely dine on it's bounty. Fortunately
one of our host's friends loves to fish.
Post a recent flurry of fly fussing said
buddy shared their bounty and hence
"M" and "R" shared alike. Soon two
rainbow beauties were stuffed with
Meyer lemons (from their home in
San Francisco), local organic onions,
and recently plucked carrots. Brushed
with olive oil, wrapped in aluminum
foil, they were grilled then served.
As good as it gets
O.M.G. were they ever delicious!
Accompanied by home made bread,
shredded cabbage tossed in oil and
vinegar, red ripe tomatoes with feta,
plus a quinoa lentil salad - our meal
couldn't have been more tasty. And
given everything was locally grown
and incredibly fresh it was simply
marvelous. In my opinion - that's
the ultimate in elegance. By the end
of the meal we'd had our full of the
finest food available and even finer
company. What's better than that?
Real simple
"M" and "R" just get it. They know
that beneath our hoopla are two men
who just want to have fun. Equally
important, they have the confidence
to be who they are and do it their
way NOT ours. That's the greatest
gift of all. Sharing one's life with
others isn't about showing off. It's
all about intimacy - letting go - and
doing what comes naturally. What
better gift than opening one's heart
and home to those you love? Now,
what could be simpler than that?