Saturday, August 8, 2015

Come back little Sheba

Queen for a stay
Everyone knows the old expression
about house guests. In theory like
fish they stink after three days. After
all, one can easily have their full of
cohabitation post a period of time.
However we recently had a visitor
who could never have over stayed
her welcome. Seven days post her
arrival under our roof we sadly had
to say farewell. And after her exit,
our home and hearts felt empty. All
we wished was that sweet Stella the
Schnauzer was still in residence!
OK at our corral
Of course we also enjoyed Stella's
owners ("B" & "J".) Yet if we're
brutally honest, it's their faithful
and furry companion who we will
miss most. When you haven't had
a pet for decades one easily forgets
what it's like to have a mutt around
the house. Stella is the perfect guest
and hence, reminded us of just how
much pleasure and joy man's best
friend can provide. While initially
reluctant to give into temptation,
by the weeks end we were hooked.
Stud puppies
Babies provide unconditional love
however as one's children mature -
they move on to build a life of their
own. Whereas a puppy's love only
grows with age. Once part of your
household they are there no matter
what. In good times and bad times,
always ready with a reassuring lick
or wag of their tail. Somehow their
optimistic naivete actually makes
things better. For obvious reasons
we prefer puppy to pussy. So why
isn't there a dog around our house?
Dog lovers
Till now the joys of canine cohabitation
haven't seemed worth the responsibility.
After all, having a third mouth to feed
requires a long term commitment. We
love traveling and have no desire to be
guilty parties leaving loved ones behind.
Therefore a tinge of theoretical angst has
delayed our procuring a pooch. Yet after
this past week I'm more more than ready.
Post seven days of hearing my beloved
cooing baby talk to a furry friend - I've
got a hunch Frank agrees. Or once more
am I barking up the wrong tree?
Companion course
Before anybody starts sending us dog
gifts I want to assure you that we're
not doing anything soon. Anticipation
can be just as satisfying as the actual
act. Therefore we'll think about it for
a bit more. Fortunately said decision
process will be fueled by memories of
a perfectly trained dog who will only
be missed. They say absence makes
the heart grow fonder. Let's hope that
our recent bout of familiarity breeds
a miniature French Bulldog! Now, if
only we could name her STELLA...