Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Down trodden
When did you last go downtown?
Every town has it's heart - nucleus -
epicenter. Yet sadly our community
g-spot is often forgotten. Some think
it's much easier to hop into the car,
drive to the outskirts, and park on a
macadam expanse. Our compulsion
with easy in/out has led to the decay
of conventional downtowns across
America. When did getting together
in a place that we're proud of become
passe'? Have we all lost our sense of
community camaraderie?
Empty promises
Post the second World War most
Americans fled their urban centers.
Rather than live above the shop
they moved on to a dream home
in the suburbs. Said exodus slowly
destroyed the delicate balance of
commerce, entertainment, and life
that made most downtowns tick.
In a community like Lewistown
Montana - our downtown slowly
dwindled away until phenomena
like big box stores and the internet
virtually decimated it.
Urban renewal
However many communities are
seeing a revival of their formerly
flailing urban centers. Kids who
grew up in the suburbs now know
the pleasures and conveniences
that close proximity provide. We
empty nesters are returning to the
fold to escape the isolation and
responsibilities of suburban life.
And suddenly... many downtowns
are alive and kicking! So why isn't
our city core experiencing rebirth?
The problem is... YOU and WE.
Return engagement
Tonight there's a new world waiting
for you on Main Street and Second
Avenue. Starting at 4:30 p.m. Don's
Store parking lot transforms into a
Farmer's Market. Given our growing
season is brief it's best to grab the
freshest local produce in town while
you can. Plus handicrafts, preserves,
and other goodies. Brooks Market
will stay open for the dinner hour
so you can also grab a sandwich,
salad, or homemade soup! Or you
can dine at The Bistro!
Do you hear what I hear?
Did you know that every Wednesday
evening many downtown merchants
are now open late? After squeezing
your melons you can shop till you
drop at Don's, Country Junction, The
Connection and whoever else opts to
keep the lights on. At seven p.m. -
the Brook's Market lot transforms
into the ultimate jam session. Local
musicians from all over move and
groove. And trust me, the result is
more than worth getting out of your
recliner for! So why stay home?!
It's all about you
If you snooze - you lose. The best way
to "save" our downtown is to actually
use and enjoy it. Rather than stare at the
boob tube - hang with your peeps and
listen to some tunes. It costs nothing
to sit, listen or dance. And given our
summers are brief we must make hay
while the sun shines! More important -
being there shows your commitment
to our downtown's success. So, what
are you doing alone in your room?
Reading roue'? Come hear the music
play... Life is a cabaret old chum...