Friday, April 10, 2015


Sometimes I really don't like reality.
One day you're innocently going on
your way when suddenly something
or someone bitch slaps you. Quite
unexpectently, the shock throws us
all a bit off. Facing facts is rarely a
pleasant experience. And when it
involves those you love and hold
dear it's an even more bitter pill to
swallow. Between tears I usually get
angry at how seemingly unfair it all
is. And yet... in almost every single
situation... it was to be expected.
Death, debt, disease, delusion,
divorce, disaster, and all related
disappointments put us off our
game. In theory some are worse
than others - yet they all distract.
Suddenly one is consumed with
whatever is challenging us and
forget everything else. Yet every
crisis is but another page in our
books - lessons that enable each
of us to handle almost anything
with dignity and aplomb. In the
end it all makes us who we are.
Beyond terrorist bombs most of life's
surprises were always lurking in the
shadows. Within our peripheral vision
we knew they were there. Denial may
be a river in Egypt but more often it's
a safety net... a form of transition...
a process. Having been there, done
that and more, in hindsight I usually
saw it coming. Whether one blithely
choses to ignore reality is in theory
probable. However if I'm honest with
myself, I chose to look the other way.
And maybe that was not a bad thing.
Maybe that's our God given form of
transitional therapy. Rather than lie
on a shrink's chaise, to each his own.
If that means retail therapy, so be it.
When that involves a bottle of wine
and some dark chocolate even better.
Whatever it takes for us to get from
here to there, I'm all for it. At this
point in life I'm not going to judge
nor tell you what to do. Instead I'm
going to do what we all do and work
through it slowly by myself. That
seems to be the best and only way.
Going solo through the hard times
isn't easy but somehow it just feels
right. Of course I'm here for you.
But I've learned that at times it's
better to step away and let nature
take it's course. In the end we'll all
get there and when you really need
a shoulder to cry on - mine is ready
and waiting. Yet somehow, once
we get to the point where we're
ready to finally open up to others,
we're stronger having found our
own path through the wilderness.
Sage wisdom aside, few of us like bad
news. And frankly, I'm more than a bit
angry right now. So don't assume that
I necessarily live what I preach. Why
do I expect things to be different? For
whatever reason I must learn the hard
way. And for right now it's rather hard
to embrace the facts I've just learned.
Don't worry I'll be fine. While I'm not
ready to share my woes - I'm still in
love and quite healthy. But beneath
a veneer of happiness, I'm struggling.
Just like we all are...