Thursday, April 23, 2015


I am so sorry
Many try to live by the golden rule.
For most of my life that's seemed to
be the only right thing to do. What
better insurance policy than sending
out as much good will as possible?
Yet sometimes even this golden boy
makes mistakes. And whenever that
happens, I find it not only totally
exacerbating, but beyond humbling.
The fact is anyone can err - even
with all good intentions. One thing
is certain, I am definitely human.
So why are so many so inhumane?

Oh no you didn't
Yesterday I had a lunch appointment
on the calendar. Said event had been
checked and double checked multiple
times. However when the time finally
arrived - I was not there. You see, I'd
forgotten. No better excuse than that.
And so, my lunch partners sat and
waited. And after a half an hour they
called and called and called and left.
The problem was I was on another
call and didn't recognize the number.
Well... not until my "dumb" bell went
off in my head! How could I forget?!

My bad
Immediately I returned their call
and abjectly apologized.  Given
I was the odd man out, I did my
best to make up for lost time.
However I continue to feel a bit
stupid. At least I stood up and
admitted I had done them wrong.
Better late than never to deliver
on my promise to "treat others
as I want to be treated."

No regrets
We all do things we don't
mean to do. Nothing is as
uncomfortable than facing
up to one's short comings
and apologizing. Yet isn't
that the best way to handle
another's disappointment?
If one drops the ball, why
not pick it up and play it
forward? No one benefits
by pretending nothing ever
happened. Denial gets you
no where. Admit it...

I should have known
In theory practice makes perfect.
Yet it's rare that post err those
involved do something about it.
Instead we each retreat to our
corners. The victim licks their
wounds while the perpetrator
pretends nothing happened. The
fact is it did. So why do both
sides continue to suffer and do
nothing about it? Isn't it better
to admit you're wrong and
consider it a lesson learned?
Or is ignorance truly bliss?!

Been there, done that
Let's act like adults. Passive
avoidance gets you nowhere.
Candid interaction actually
solves problems. Living by the
golden rule isn't sunshine and
lollipops. At times we must go
over to the dark side and face
reality. So please, just admit
you were wrong and apologize.
Then try to tell me that there is
anything more golden than that!