Monday, April 20, 2015


Off kilter
One of the most pleasant things about
escaping the rat race is in theory... life
calms down. However somehow that's
really not the case post working. Rather
than someone else's priorities becoming
all consuming - suddenly it's all about
YOU. And that's a full time job in and
of itself! The process of taking care on
one's own business seems in the end to
make one busier than ever. So much so
that cliche's aside - one truly wonders
how one ever found time to fit work
into the work week? I'm exhausted!
Down time
For some reason, even in "retirement"
our weekends remain just that - time
to relax and cut loose. Innately there
is a different vibe during those two
days. Said energy comes from those
joyous workers enjoying an all too
brief respite from work. I'm certain
we all need a break from the mundane.
A chance to clear one's head, reflect
and revive. Hence while I'm certainly
not punching any clock, I'm glad to
let my hair down even farther plus
take a long Sunday afternoon nap!
Sink or swim
By Monday morning most are ready
to dive back into the fray. Often come
Sunday evening, some go off the deep
end. However Monday is really just an
opportunity to start anew. Like it or not
we all have responsibilities. And while
one can forget about them short term,
it's better to face reality and check off
one's list. Hence I consider the start of
each week a "get out of jail free" card.
In other words, a license to restart my
engine and go to a better place. Plus
the chance to finish that's still undone.
Is that all there is?
Some of us can barely clean up our act.
However busy work is busy work whether
it's for "the man" or for oneself. Thus it's
fairly easy to get bogged down in details
or minutia, My dear friend "A" has been
musing about just that. Her question is
simply "is that all there is?" Maintaining
a clean house and a well fed partner is
quite a task. However is the world truly
a better place because you just picked up
your dry cleaning? Do we each have a
responsibility to do more than just our
daily chores? Is it time to do MORE?
Spin cycle
In a recent New York Times column,
David Brooks wrote about having a
"Moral Bucket List."  As one ages,
many ponder whether they've done
enough. Mr. Brooks suggests there
are two types of virtues - "resume'
and eulogy". While the resume ilk
fuel one's success - in most cases
whatever qualifies as relevant within
the workplace rarely provides any
sort of lasting legacy. Hence if one
is honest with themselves - all of
that effort may have been for naught.
Kick the bucket
Mr. Brooks' missive recommends
that one create a "moral bucket list."
Said tally enables us to not only give
back but also add relevance to our
time here on earth. The fact is that
with few exceptions, most of our
careers are spent doing things that
don't matter. Rocket scientists aside
a two day sale with Doorbusters is
not going to cure cancer. And while
that new frock or shoes can be trans
formative, all too soon they will be
forgotten in the back of the closet.
Charity case
Which has me thinking... what do
I have to show for all of this? I'm
blessed with family and friends
who love me. Yet what have I
really done during my time here
on earth? Was my corporate stint
a complete waste of time? Or was
that school of hard knocks a lesson
that prepared me for "next." While
it's highly doubtful that I will soon
become a missionary, this may be
the time to try and make our world
a better place. So I'm asking myself,
WWAD - What Would "A" Do?