Monday, April 27, 2015

Keep your shirt on...

Brief topic
I was recently made aware that some
of my loyal readers feel that roue'
has gotten a tad too risque. More
specifically that there are too many
pictures of naked gentlemen shown
on this blog. Well, while a bare boy
or two may appear - especially at the
end of each Sunday's surprise - my
intention is never to offend. Actually
readership stats tend to show quite a
dramatic increase with any such over
exposure. Therefore my first reaction
is... "thou doest protest too much."
Guilty as charged
Trusting my advisory "bored" I feel
I must explain said sporadic stints of
public nudity. To be clear - I'm a gay
man. Given boys will be boys, most
men enjoy stimulating their senses.
However girls seem to see things a
bit differently. Homoeroticism aside,
this blog uses images to help make a
point. Yet some apparently feel that
too much of a good thing is just that.
Accused of over exposure, I feel it's
necessary to  give those in question
the benefit of their doubts.
Over exposure
There is a fine line between demure
and debauched. Anybody who has
known me for any length of time is
fully aware that I will often color
between said lines. With an at best
ribald sense of humor I've never
met a double entendre that I didn't
like. Therefore it's safe to assume
I'm not a prude. Nor is there any
doubt that I love to push a button
or two. This blog's content reflects
it's creator's broader thinking and
hence pushes the brown envelope.
Off the cuff
Fortunately for all of us, one brave soul
suggested that some of the accompanying
imagery within this blog may leave more
than something to desired. Therefore I'm
placing this candid input about my output
under consideration. If that requires that
I  reign in my homoerotic tendencies, so
be it. With few exceptions, I never want
my missives to make you uncomfortable.
My sole reason for writing this blog is to
entertain. While I derive much pleasure
in sharing my dreams and desires - I've
no desire to offend my loyal readers.
Carnal knowledge
Growing up during the sexual revolution,
I should have known better. However
being raised in a ultra conservative home
meant that any discussion of sex was out
of the question. The truth be told, the only
chat I ever had with my father about sex
was on the morning of my wedding day.
Howard's advice was "Please be gentle -
some guys go WILD!" The fact is I had
to figure it out for myself and sadly that
didn't happen until my mid thirties. So
I learned the facts of life via trial and
error. Which was harder than you think!
Full disclosure
Propriety aside, part of me believes
we should all be more open about
our desires. Why hide what is most
probably the part of our lives that
make us happy? After I sowed my
wild oats - I finally understood what
true intimacy was. Without that key
carnal knowledge, I would never
have been able to figure out who
my Mr. Right was. After twenty
years with Frank one thing is most
certain - when it's right... it's right.
And what's wrong with that?!
Higher education
While I apologize for my bouts of
show and tell - I can't guarantee it
won't happen again. I'm a bit of a
hedonist but now understand that
for some of you, au naturale does
not come naturally. So I'll attempt
to control myself and in return I
ask for your candid feedback. In
the process of reconciliation if I
strike a chord, tell me. And when
I'm totally off key, please sing out
Louise! That's the only way that
I can possibly clean up my act!