Friday, April 3, 2015


Don't ask, don't tell
Before you start reading my missive,
if you're sick of my gay rants STOP
NOW. Enjoy your coffee and hit the
blog tomorrow when once again it
will be rainbows (not PFLAG) and
lollipops. For those of you who care
about freedom, equality, and both of
their ultimate byproduct - happiness,
please read on. While I try to leave
politics out of this venue - there are
times when I have to reinforce that

Heaven or hell?
One can't help but be saddened
about recent legislation in both
Indiana and Arkansas. After all
of the positive momentum that
equality has taken in our country
I'd hoped for more. Yet it's a bit
foolish to be surprised. Bigots
have been promoting prejudice
in the name of God since the
beginning of time. As one who
only used to drive through the
"Crossroads of America" state -
I won't miss it or... Arkansas.
Are we there yet?
God must have a sense of humor.
Otherwise politicians in both states
would be struck by lightning or
turned into pillars of salt. Maybe
there's a lesson in all of this and
once again it's time for America to
take a refresher course in bigotry.
Let's be clear - hate is hate. Evil
is evil. And even when both are
hidden behind idiots using God's
name in vain... it is what it is. My
question is when will this stop.
Are you as "over" it all as I am?
Or so they say...
National polls continue to indicate
that the majority think differently
from the minority. Yet one has to
oddly respect these homophobes.
Somehow, some way, they found
a way to publicly and at least for
now legally make their point. But
what drives seemingly intelligent
folks to do awfully ignorant things?
Does hatred drive their paranoid
passion? Or is it a subtle form of
self-hatred? Have you ever heard
"Thou doest protest too much?"
Squeaky wheels
In my experience it's the people who
scream the loudest that have the most
to hide. Are some over compensating
for their theoretical weaknesses? And
why does that require beating people
like me to a pulp with a baseball bat?
Is the reason they're against who I am
because deep down they fear they're
exactly like me? Sheep will follow
whatever idiot is in the lead, but why
are the rest of you allowing bigotry
to become the law of some lands?
Is this a sign of things to come?
It is what it is
Have we forgotten? Prejudice is
prejudice. Bigotry is bigotry. Yet
only post worldwide appall did
Indiana's GOP leadership alter
their poisonous legislation. Now
the far right is crying "foul." But
what could be fouler than a law
that legalizes prejudice? Maybe
it's time that we reminded them
how gay we really are. Let's stop
shopping and dining. Soon the
signs in their windows may read -
Buyer beware
I've said this before but must say it
again. My freedom and equality is
long as I don't hurt you nor break a
law, what happens in my bedroom
stays in my bedroom. The fact that
most of Indiana is an armpit is of no
concern to me. Nor that Arkansans
often claim that their mother is also
their sister. Please leave me alone.
Stop trying to change people who
are perfect happy being who and as
they are. Politician - heal thyself!

Three years ago a toddler stood on the Dias of the
Apostolic Truth Tabernacle
in Greensburg, Indiana and sang a song.
Post performance his father proudly crowed
"That's my boy"
So tell me... why are we surprised?