Monday, April 6, 2015


My Mother was a woman of very strong
faith. For many years she taught a ladies
Bible Study where her shared wisdom
benefitted all involved. My Dad was one
of the kindest and wisest men ever. With
his example, advice, and counsel, many
lives were changed for the better. Sadly,
as their child our dynamic was often a
bit different. We all go through a period
of life where we reject almost anything
our parents say. Fortunately in hindsight
their legacy of faith lives on in me. And
that alone makes life all the easier.

For many reasons both Howard and Ethel
preferred a realm of spirituality where
dogma and all of it's related rules made
their decisions. Their son on the other
hand has taken a different path on the
road to a higher plane. Hence my varied
spiritual amalgam doesn't necessarily fit
a single definition. Somehow ambiguity
works for me. What I do share with my
parents is a deep and abiding sense that
something bigger than all of us helps me
navigate through my time here on earth.
And without it, I doubt I could survive.

The older one gets, the more one
gains from whatever happens. An
element of surprise, caprice, or as
some call it - miracles - surpasses
all understanding. While in theory
this jaded soul is rarely surprised,
the fact is I'm often amazed. I'm
not sure if our higher being sits
upon a throne above, is an alien
life force, or simply the positive
energy that our collective whole
creates. All I know is that when
help is needed, something helps.

It's none of my business what you
believe in. However at this point in
my life I know that it's important for
each of us to believe in something.
For many that's a higher being much
greater than ourselves. Whether all
of my God's followers accept me as
I am - in my deepest soul I know
that I'm loved by a power far greater
than a church. For that reason, many
people of deep faith reject organized
religion. Yet for me, being part of a
community of kindred spirits affirms.

Dreams are what life is all about.
Without a vision, how can anyone
get to next? Even in the darkest
of times a touch of fantasy makes
reality palpable. For some hitting
the unattainable is the ultimate
manifestation of hope. For most,
loving and being loved is a dream
come true. Hope is the engine of
destiny. Hope pushes us forward
to places unknown. As important -
hope is an insurance policy that
guarantees it will get better.

Whether you believe in karma or not -
what goes around comes around. Thus
giving back is a key responsibility in
our circle of existence. Some time,
some place, some how we've all been
on the receiving end of some one's
largesse. Returning a favor doesn't
have to involve writing a check. The
most subtle form of charity is treating
others with respect. Hence living by
the golden rule is in my opinion the
only way to live. And I hope that my
legacy is simply that. What's yours?