Friday, March 13, 2015

May the force be with you...

Tidal wave
Today is Friday the thirteenth.
Like it or not there may be some
sort of energy that causes us to
move together as one. Watching
my blog statistics, it's obvious
that at times you're distracted.
Then like a tsunami everyone
"catches up." I'm no statistician
but one thing is certain, some
phenomena drives us to do the
same thing at the same time.
While probably natural, it may
also be a bit supernatural.
Peer pressure
Whether folklore or fact - if one
frequents nursing homes or any
assisted living facility - space
opens up with each full moon.
Somehow many prefer to exit a
room by the light of the silvery
moon. That's reason enough to
track lunar progressions. For
me the days immediately prior
seem to propel a need to nibble
my digits. Hence post the full
moon I sport bandages rather
than rings on my fingers!
Sink or swim
If one believes it's easier to go with
the flow - you're not alone. When
times are bad - there's a reason they
call it a depression. The fact is that
when we're all deep in a valley it's
virtually impossible to rise above
our collective morass. It's almost
as if we're all stuck in a pit of quick
sand - unable to pull ourselves let
alone others out. While I am most
certainly a glass half full kind of
guy - optimism isn't always viable
if said glass is filled with poison.
Return to sender
The level of negativity within our
country disturbs me. Good things
are happening yet few are willing
to admit it. Instead our leadership
bickers, moans, and struggles for
power. Hence we're all left more
than a bit confused. How can one
sift through the debris to assess
what's the best approach for our
future? Is it possible to rise like
a Phoenix out of the ashes of a
nuclear holocaust created by 47
leaders who have gone postal?
Enough is enough
Whatever side you're on - this tug
of war is getting tiresome. Good
intentions or bad we're all in this
mess. Rather than hate could we
try to love? Can we accentuate the
positive by eliminating negativity?
Maybe then we'll move forward.
Why not invoke the god of good
rather than sink lower. After all -
Norman Vincent Peale sold many
millions of books espousing just
that. Could there actually be any
power in positive thinking?
Group dynamic
The next time you're out and about -
look on the positive side. Focus on
whatever good is happening around
you. Whenever you're with your
better half - celebrate what makes
two better than one! While our
collective destiny may be impacted
by a power greater than ourselves -
one's attitude towards life is totally
self controlled. Rather than blame
everyone else for our problems,
raise a toast with your glass half
full and celebrate life! CHEERS!