Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Am I going postal?!

Opposites attract
While I beyond adore living in rural
Montana I must admit that at times
even I question my sanity. I recently
visited our local post office to ship
off some packages. Rarely is this
boy surprised at said establishment.
Until now I've found it's calm air of
complacency rather comforting. My
expectations are low and hence I'm
never disappointed. Yet yesterday
I experienced something quite new
and inspiring at the counter...
Neither rain nor...
Before we enter the lobby I must note
that I adore our postal carriers. Given
my natural brother "B" is one of them
they hold a special place in my heart.
As Herodotus said, no matter what
happens they always deliver. Sadly
that hasn't always been my experience
within the hallowed halls of the actual
Post Office facilities. Having lived in
cities across the U.S. we assumed that
we'd seen it all. But after a month
in Rome my advice is avoid visiting
L'Ufficio Postale.  IT'S AWFUL!
Early riser
I arrived ten minutes before opening
hours and struggled into the lobby
with a pile of packages. Ready to
stand in line until the appointed
hour I was greeted by a cheerful,
well groomed, and most important
happy young lady as she prepared
to open. Beyond perky she called
out "Go ahead and put those on
the counter - I'll be right there!"
The next thing I knew she was
rolling up the iron window grate
Signed, sealed, delivered
Where was I?! Just when you think
nothing changes something causes
you rethink all preconceived notions.
Before I knew it my packages were
weighed, measured, stamped, and
handled sans the requisite groaning
that often accompanies most things
postal. While we wrapped up our
transaction she queried if I needed
any stamps. How could one say no?
Soon an array of philatelic delights
was before me.  Yet something - no -
Acid trip
"Do you have those
Janis Joplin stamps?"
I queried. "YES! we
can't give them away."
Apparently most if
not all Lewistonians
consider rocking with
Janice in the top right
corner inappropriate.
I proceeded to buy
ten sheets of her solid
gold stamps. JANIS
Satisfaction guaranteed
While my fellow citizens prefer to
not drop acid in the mailbox, said
postal excursion blew my mind. At
the end of our encounter she asked
that if I enjoyed my service would
I please complete a USPS on-line
customer satisfaction survey. As
I'd never experienced post office
and customer satisfaction together
before - I left humming "Me and
Bobby McGee" and upon arriving
home immediately logged on and
gave my post office a TEN!