Monday, March 2, 2015


Are we there yet?
Yesterday was gloriously sunny with
the thermometer topping off at about
twenty eight degrees. Which had me
rather confused. Given it was cold,
I'd consider our entry into the merry
month of March rather fierce. However
the sunshine did warm things up a tad
and it certainly made me feel happy.
Was yesterday lionlike or meek as a
lamb? Given we've had an incredibly
"mild" winter thus far here in central
Montana, I'm hoping we'll end March
feeling it wasn't all that baaaaad.
Old time religion
I don't know about you but this boy
often finds credence in old wive's
tales. There has to be a reason why
they continue to be relevant. Hence
I starve a fever and feed a cold. And
while I don't religiously read the old
Farmer's Almanac - it's predictions
related to weather seem to invariably
be true. Much like our newfound
love for holistic medicine, there are
obvious merits to embracing proven
and tested theories of yore. Maybe
new isn't always the best discovery.
Gone to pot
Frank seems optimistic. Yesterday
he spent most of the afternoon in his
potting room tenderly planting seeds.
To date it's been hard for him to start
his garden early enough given he was
commuting to/from Manhattan and
Montana. This year will be different
and judging by the plethora of plants
he's planting - we'll have a bumper
crop! Sowing heirloom seedlings
from scratch may seem a bit archaic.
However Frank's love of gardening
is proof that older is often wiser.
Totally plucked
I most certainly do NOT have a green
thumb. While I enjoy flowers I do not
enjoy nursing ancient poinsettias back
to life. I prefer to shop and drop hence
it's always blossom time at the Passion
Pit. Sadly most grocer posies are so
genetically modified that they hardly
smell. However yesterday I purchased
a dozen of the most fragrant roses ever
at the grocer. A bright golden yellow,
their heady scent fills the house. Add
a plethora of orchids and even in the
dead of winter our PP outlook is rosy.
Chop chop
Back to basics. To me there's little as
tasty as plate of grilled lamb chops.
I grew up on lamb stew, burgers, and
roasts. Yet many avoid nibbling on
wooly offspring. Honestly, they don't
know what they're missing especially
given lamb now seems much milder
than in my youth. One can't help but
wonder what's been done to eliminate
any resemblance to mutton. Locally
they seem to still be eating our wild
prairies so as long as I dine off the
lamb fat our land I should be safe!
Love ewe
Continuing in the vein of mutton
memories, I adored Shari Lewis,
Lamb Chop, and Charley Horse
as a tot. Yet as time went on,
Lamb Chop got spicier with age.
The very idea that the children of
today would be mesmerized by a
girl and a sock puppet now baffles.
Somehow we've become so jaded
that in essence all innocence has
been lost. Life was truly kinder and
gentler back then. So I close with a
memory of times past. Night night!