Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Breaking out of the box

Extreme exposure
Some suffer from over confidence.
Innate bravado can lead one down
a delusional path. Blindly going
where no man has gone may lead
us to the wrong place. Others are
the polar opposite. Insecurity and
self doubt often cause them to
question every step hence they
rarely gain momentum. Most
wonder why life hasn't gone as
well as we expected. Yet if one
doesn't know where they're going,
how can they ever get anywhere?
Neither here nor there
Then there's the balance of us who fall
somewhere in the middle. We all have
our strengths and weaknesses. And yet
somehow an introspective myopia can
at times shift us away from doing what
comes naturally. As kids we all grapple
with the nuances of personal survival
and success. Slowly learning who we
are and what we can and cannot do.
Many of us get that education at the
school of hard knocks. Mainly because
most of us can only learn our lessons
through adversity. Will we ever learn?
Out of the woods
Right or wrong many of us rely
on others for guidance. And for
reasons that baffle me - I'm often
used as a sounding board by my
family, friends and colleagues.
If nothing else I've learned that
candor is the best teacher. Hence
I'm more than willing to tell you
what I think your problem is. Yet
what's easy for me to see is often
impossible for those lost in the
wilderness. Therefore I'm glad to
show you the forest for the trees.
Self analysis
Most struggle with facing whatever
their personal reality actually is. The
facts of life are that we are who we
are. Chemistry, circumstances, and
karma have make us that way. So
there's really no benefit to fighting
against one's natural instincts. Each
of us are unique and therefore magical
creatures. Leveraging our good and
bad qualities is not only the best way
to succeed. It's the only way to survive.
Rather than deny the truth - why not
celebrate what makes you... you?
Wrong answer?
Oddly self acceptance seems to be
life's greatest struggle for many. We
refuse to work with what we've got.
Most of us reject what makes each
of us unique rather than leverage
the difference. "A" recently went
through a series of rigid interviews.
A creative type - the process simply
did not work in her favor. Yet rather
than blame their flawed approach to
talent acquisition, "A" immediately
assumed that she had failed the test.
The fact is they were wrong for her.

Try it... you'll like it...
When it's right, it's right. Suddenly
there's no struggle, ambiguity, nor
angst. Everything magically falls
into place. A square peg easily fits
into square hole! DUH! Wanting
that size six frock does not mean
that it's going to fit a size fourteen
frame. You have to embrace reality.
So if you're religious - let go - let
God. If you're agnostic - let you -
be you. Deep down we each know
what's right for us. Isn't it time we
realized that it's all about YOU?