Saturday, May 17, 2014

White before Memorial Day?

White out
Last Saturday I awoke to
snow. Overnight Jack Frost
had dusted our community
with the white stuff. While
daffodils look jaunty as they
peek out of white, our pale
apple blossoms can't compete.
One might think we live in a
harsh climate. But in reality, it's
just one of extremes. You see,
it was sunny and in the sixties
the day before. Plus the snow
had all melted before six a.m.
Weather or not
For years we've compared Lewistown
weather to where ever we were living
at the time. Dallas aside, daily highs
were often on a par with Chicago and
New York. The major difference were
the lows and baby the question here is
"how low can you go?" All summer
it's glorious to bask in humidity free
sunshine in the eighties by day and to
don a sweater or jacket by night. There
is little doubt that it's quite refreshing
to awaken after a night of sleeping
with the windows open. FRESH!
Strip search
However extremes can be tough on
one's body and soul during our long
winters. Having lived in Chicago
and Minneapolis, we're no strangers
to frigid cold. While it's popular to
complain about the weather, why
leave bright sunshine or sapphire
blue skies? Our local snow birds
flee annually down south to endless
strip malls, palm trees and skin
cancer. That seems monotonous at
best! Why not stay and savor the
seasonal changes. COOL IT!  
Hot house variety
Our yin and yang weather can get a
little frosty. Hence Frank must grow
his more delicate veggies inside his
greenhouse. We can get a frost as
early as August. While the zucchini
survive slightly singed, our tomatoes
require extra protection. How does
this hot house specimen blossom in
the cool Montana summer? Given
theres NO humidity, gloriously! If
I have to choose between a steamy
summer night in Manhattan versus
Montana, I'll risk a random frost!
Wake up call
Manhattan can be a cold and damp
place. Bone chilling dampness is
as oppressive as five below. I know
that most of you may never share
my affection for our Siberian clime.
However I want to make sure that
you know why I'm not NUTS for
living here. Every morning when
I walk out of the door, I feel alive.
The beauty and purity of this place
gives me an energy I've never felt
elsewhere. If that means one must
deal with flurries in May, OK!