Monday, May 19, 2014

Cabin Fever

The great escape
Last Sunday we rode up to Frank's
family cabin for what is best called
a grill and chill. With temperatures
in the thirties it was cold. Spring
was definitely late here this year as
indicated by the snow on the wind.
Upon arrival we were welcomed
by a roaring fire in the living room
fireplace. Brother "B" and nephew
"J" had prepared a feast for all and
we quickly settled into cocktails
and hearthside nibbles. Suddenly
all was right with the world.
Outer limits
Somehow "roughing it" makes one
feel safe and secure. That must be
why most westerners have cabins.
We already live in the middle of no
where. And yet, the daily pressures
of life still wear upon the locals.
Riding a few miles deeper into the
wild enables one to instantly escape
all of life's woes. With no cellular
service, you're totally out of it. Now
it's just you and the great outdoors!
Add a crackling fire and a bottle of
cabernet and you're blissfully happy!
Far from the fray
Theres a major difference between
cabin and urban escapes such as the
Hamptons or one's cottage "upstate".
Manhattanites simply change their
venue not lifestyle on the weekends.
Most still fight for a table at the inn,
jostle for a slot at the beach or riding
club, and hunt and peck at the local
antique shops. Whereas cabin life
involves nothing more than stoking
the fire, walking on the wild side,
and napping. Honestly, it's truly the
greatest of escapes! Who knew?!
Down and dirty
Cabin life has a different set of
standards. Normally fastidious,
I've no problem doing without
when far out. Suddenly it's OK
to smell like smoke, not bathe
for a few days, or sport a hairdo
that resembles a sparrow's nest.
Away from it all one is free to
reject all every day standards.
Whether due to a lack in indoor
plumbing or intoxication doesn't
really matter. Literally letting
one's hair down does. It's bliss!
Bring it on
Dining al fresco with wild animals
may be off putting to some. Yet one
thing is certain. There is no dieting
when living the cabin life. While
amidst the woods, most feel free to
break all of the rules. If that means
consuming an entire bag of potato
chips... so be it. Should one feel the
urge to engorge a mound of melted
marshmallows... go ahead... enjoy.
Whatever floats your boat, do it.
After all nobody is watching but for
your co escapees. Winner eats all!
Alls well that ends well
After a few days of getting dirty and
chewing the fat, it's time to go home.
For me that's usually about the time
my scalp starts itching. The ritual of
closing up the cabin prepares one for
a return to reality. Fires slowly fizzle.
Trash you can't burn is loaded in one's
trunk along with culinary flotsam and
jetsam destined to also become trash
when home. It's time for a new start.
Add the anticipation of a hot shower
and one is reminded that civilization
truly does have it's benefits!