Thursday, May 8, 2014

Where the boys are...

Town topics
Oddly everyone in town knows us
and all of our business. Everywhere
we go, strangers ask how our house
is coming along. It's obvious we are
the talk of the town and hence quite
frequently discussed. Given Frank
grew up in Lewistown, my initial
assumption is that he knows these
friendly folks. Yet often after they
walk away he asks "Who was that?"
How can they know all about us
and yet we don't even know who
they are? Early signs of dementia?
Birds of a feather
Frank bought our condo in 2005.
Shortly thereafter two moving
vans unloaded a mega mound
of antiques. Some thought aliens
had landed in Montana's midst!
We drove about town in a Jaguar
oblivious to the fact that we were
oddities at best. On Main Street,
we shopped, strutted, and supped
in our designer ensembles unaware
that we were birds of paradise who
had migrated to Big Sky Country.
Would we ever fit in or should we?
Resistant to change
You see, we decided to not change
the way we lived nor who we were
for our new home away from home.
Over the years as we drifted in and
out of town, locals figured us out.
They realized that underneath the
Cucinelli was a fat man just wanting
to be loved. And that's exactly what
happened. While I'm certain that a
few talk about us, never has been
heard a discouraging word. Rather
we've been treated with kindness,
courtesy, and respect way out west!
It's all relative
Our friends are as diverse as we are.
Down to earth realists who simply
want to help make the world a better
place. Some are rather quirky given
that we live next to no where. Here
you can do whatever you want as
long as it doesn't bother somebody
else. Frank's family is a large and
diverse brood. One can't help but
bump a relative at the grocer or the
Post Office. And if they don't live
here, they visit frequently. Home
is where the heart is. Feel the love!
Betting man
Thus far, my transition from city life
has been smooth and seamless. While
French butter is not plentiful, nor can
I grab some broccoli rabe at the grocer,
all is good. You see while not a native,
somehow I belong here. The next year
will be my acid test. Initially we'll be
consumed with moving into the Passion
Pit. The balance of the summer will be
spent restoring the exterior plus planting
and landscaping. After that?! While the
odds may seem against me, Lewistown
will win hands down!! It's a keeper!
Winner take all
Skeptics aside, I'm going to be fine.
Once the dust settles, I'll shift into
a groove. Cooking and entertaining
friends often. Playing tour guide as
many of you visit this summer. I'll
lose some weight if it kills me (or
Frank puts me out of my misery.)
When needed, we'll travel back to
the city for a dose of civilization.
One thing is certain, I'll write this
blog. In the end there will be little
difference between the life we led
in Manhattan versus Lewistown.