Monday, May 5, 2014


Fire away!
Now that I'm settled in rural Montana,
you're all wondering why we left the
city for the middle of nowhere. To me
it just feels right and is the natural path
to "next." Frankly, some of you have
told me I'm nuts. Even my beloved is
skeptical that I can survive living in
Lewistown full time. Well my friends,
either I'm delusional or you just don't
know me. Either way, your queries and
concerns continue to be unending. So,
I'll attempt to answer all of your many
questions at one time! Saddle up!
What will you do?
Frankly, I don't know yet. Honestly
what could be more exciting than
that!? For the next months we will
focus on moving into the Passion Pit
Still to be done is the exterior. We
have to restore the entrance facade
paint, and landscape. So chances are
I'll be consumed with just that until
early fall. Once the dust settles, we
have some thoughts about "next."
When we're ready to share what that
means, you'll make the journey with
me on! Yee Haw!
Where do you shop?
Could there be any more foolish
question?! We will shop locally
as much as possible. When that's
not possible, one can buy almost
anything on the web. I will satiate
my e-bay addiction searching for
all sorts of goodies! Our greatest
challenge will be exotie cheeses,
charcuterie, and french butter. It's
a fortune that shipped. However
we can custom order whatever we
need from our grocer. In the end
we'll do without. Whoa Nellie!
Where will you dine?
One of the things I look forward
to is home cooking. Several years
ago when my friend "M" took a
hiatus from work. Little gave her
greater pleasure than breakfast at
home every morning. Dining at five
star establishments can get rather
old. While I adore gourmet feasts,
my true happiness is a Shepherd's
Pie or meat loaf served at home.
Don't worry, we have a few lovely
restaurants here in town should we
opt to dine out. Come and get it!
Do you have friends?
After years of straddling Montana
and various cities, Lewistown is
Frank's home town. Therefore we
have friends he grew up plus other
newbies who love it as much as I
do. In a small town, everybody
knows everybody. We never lack
for a hug or slap on the back when
out and about. We just feel like we
belong and that's a feeling money
can't buy! Don't forget that we'll
be entertaining city slickers who
venture out west. Mosey on down!
What will you wear?
While it's fairly certain my ensembles
may get a tad casual, I've no intention
of dressing down in Lewistown. I will
still wear a blazer out to dinner or at
Mass. My footwear will continue to be
Italian, impractical and a little over the
top. And yes, my jeans will be painted
on. I don't plan to change how I live.
I'm simply changing my address. Plus
everybody in town is used to seeing me
in my regalia. As long as I don't bother
them, they won't bother me. The shock
factor finally worn off! Yipee ki yah!
Won't you be bored?
The fact is I was bored to distraction.
Wherever one call's home, familiarity
breeds contempt. After you shop at
Bergdorf Goodman every weekend,
it becomes just another store. If you
dine at Le Grenouille frequently, it's
your favorite watering hole. Stroll
the Met on a regular basis and Degas,
Renoir, and Monet become old friends.
Whatever one does on a regular basis
becomes rote. I'm not sick of cowboys,
mountains, or big skies yet. And when
I am... we'll hitch the wagon and ride!