Thursday, May 1, 2014

Please talk about me when I'm gone

I hate goodbyes
That's why I prefer hellos. There's
nothing as fun as meeting someone
new. Or reconnecting after many
years apart. The energy one gets
from such encounters is so much
more beneficial than the regret one
feels when we part. That's why I
prefer to slip away rather than say
farewell. Such stealth is bittersweet
at best. I truly enjoy all of the kind
words and hugs. However I simply
prefer to avoid turning on the water
works. After all... I'm not dead yet!

Miss Otis regrets
I orchestrated a rather quiet exit
from town. Therefore many dear
friends never got to say goodbye.
Frankly, that was purposeful. I'm
not willing to part with those who
I cherish most.  Nor am I willing
to consider that they won't be part
of my everyday existence. While
we won't dine frequently, we can
chat 24/7. I just couldn't spend my
last days in Manhattan attending
my own wake. Instead I quietly
packed my things and went home.

Sorry wrong number 
Anybody who knows me is fully
aware that the telephone is not
my preferred communication
mode. Let's make this clear. It's
a proven fact that I love to chat.
It's even been occasionally said
that I might communicate a bit
too much at times. My preferred
chat room is face-to-face not via
the wire or airwaves. Several of
you have suggested I can do just
that via Skype or FaceTime. But
do I want to talk in my pajamas?
Write or wrong
Given I have no problem blabbing
endlessly as I blog, my preference
is the written word. Please feel free
to reach out to me via the post office,
e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, or text.
That's the best way to guarantee a
speedy response. Leave a voice mail
and I may return your call next year!
I love to staccato repartee of a virtual
chat. Somehow I'm funnier and wiser
when my quips are typed rather than
blurted. So please... keep those cards
and letters coming! I MISS YOU!
Pit stop
Obviously I can't invite all of you
dear readers to stay at our new
Montana home. Given E. Braun is
no longer up the avenue, replacing
worn out linens is a challenge. So
my guest rooms are reserved for my
nearest and dearest. However, when
you're in the neighborhood, please
stop by for a drink and a face-to-face
chat. I adore all of you. Especially
the love and support you send on a
daily basis. Nothing would give me
greater pleasure than to say HELLO!