Monday, March 10, 2014

The down and out...

Enough already
If I've been a little preachy lately,
I apologize. I've been rather pious
and am not sure what to attribute
my rantings to. After all I'm happy
in almost all ways. My career is
where I want it to be. I share my
life with one I not only adore, but
actually enjoy being with. Those I
love are healthy and at times happy.
So there's seems to be no real reason
except that possibly I'm more than a
bit bossy. Hence the manifestation
of my desire to preach like a Baptist.
More than enough
It could be Manhattan. While in my
opinion the greatest city in the world,
everything is a hassle. Nothing could
be more thrilling than visiting this city
and nothing could be as challenging
as living here. Not only is it crowded,
it's denizen's elitist tendencies are at
times beyond tedious. Their constant
posturing, posing, and jockeying for
position is quite tiresome, especially
when trying to simply book a table for
dinner! Almost daily I say to myself
"There has to be a better way".
Far, far away
And... there is. For me the yin to my
yang is tiny Lewistown, Montana.
I think of it, dream of it, yearn for it
almost every minute of every day.
Simplicity, natural beauty, and a lack
of pretension just start to describe it.
Whenever I tire of being crammed in
the subway, I think of it. As I stand
on the corner hailing a cab as I dodge
slush, I dream of it. Of course it's not
perfect. However it is prettier, easier,
and nicer.Therefore I often ask myself
"Who wouldn't want to live there?"
Then again...
Certainly jaded, I do appreciate many
things about this fair city. One's access
to beautiful things is almost limitless.
Simply strolling any store's aisles is a
veritable Aladdin's treasure trove. Our
museums are filled with masterpieces,
all waiting for one to visit. Little is as
spectacular as a Broadway show except
possibly seeing Puccini at the opera.
The fact is one is daily surrounded by
amazing architecture, cuisine, and all
that the world has to offer. I often say
"Who wouldn't want to live here?"
Home on the range
And yet... all I crave is Lewistown.
While not spectacular, our fairly intact
historical downtown is pretty damned
wonderful. Drinking a glass of some
of the purest water in North America
straight from the tap can be awfully
fun. Plus living daily on vast rolling
prairie surrounded by mountains can't
get much better. What I miss most are
the people. Plain and simple, they're
all as open and genuine as possible.
Those we love are especially special.
It's simply HOME SWEET HOME.
From here to there
Maybe straddling these two worlds is
what has turned me into a preacher.
Could the process of telling others how
to balance their lives actually be my
feeble attempt to personally do so?
They say you can't have it all and yet,
I might be one of the very few who do.
Having my heart and HOMES in two
such diverse places means I experience
the best life has to offer. Torn between
two lovers, chances are I'll continue
to pontificate. Thanks for listening as
I work things out... it honestly helps!