Saturday, March 8, 2014


High wire act
There is little that's worse than feeling
out of control. It's almost certain that
indecision creates angst. Hovering in
between here and there with no sense
of where we're going is disconcerting
at best. Whether one admits it, we all
crave structure. When everything is put
within a clearly defined context, we feel
at peace. When life is open ended, our
natural reaction is to worry. You see, in
order to thrive we must be grounded.
With that structured safety net we can
easily circumvent almost any challenge.
Three ring circus
And yet, when if ever is anything truly
defined or guaranteed? In reality we're
all moving either forward or backward
depending on where life decides to take
us. That natural tide of events creates a
momentum that one can either readily
accept or aggressively fight. Swimming
against the flow is never easy and rarely
does one truly gain traction. Instead it's
better to glide along with the current as
one plots their course to next. Avoid
jumping through hoops unless you're
sure that will take you to a better place!
Ladies and gentlemen...
Misery loves company. The process of
managing change is a tumultuous task
especially in tenuous times. While one
may dream of clarity, the circumstances
rarely allow for it. Avoiding the facts
benefits no one. Even if  you truly have
nothing to say, it's better to say just that.
Candor demonstrates that you're willing
to be transparent. It proves that you're
in basically the same spot... no where.
If one has to be in limbo, it's nice to have
someone there with you. When it's time
to move on, together you'll get to next!
Death defying
Ultimately answers do come. However
rather than immediate revelations, the
transition from here to there is often an
organic process. If one fully embraces
evolution, one accepts that it takes time
to become something new. Driving a
stake in the ground may initially make
one feel secure, but in reality all you've
done is limit your flexibility. Patiently
adapting to the tide of change enables
one to shift, move, and grow along the
way. That usually leads us to places we
never imagined were possible.
Greatest show on earth
By it's very definition purgatory is a place
poised somewhere between heaven and
hell. Rather than accept a holding pattern,
one must take control in order to thrive.
We live in limbo every day. Wallowing
in a pit of indecision is as beneficial as
building a house out of jello. The only
thing that you can control is how you
react to inertia. My advice is be patient
but never passive. Go with the flow but
never assume somebody else will change
your destiny. Embrace the process and
move on. Why clown around? Own it!