Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Come on... give me a BREAK!

For the better good
I'm not exactly Mother Theresa.
While at times I'm willing to make
a sacrifice, I rarely enjoy doing so.
About to move into our new home
in May, we've decided to not take
a spring break this year. While in
theory it makes sense, in reality,
I'm miserable. After suffering
through frigid, dark, and gloomy
winter here in the Big Apple, all
I crave is a beachside cabana! Oh
how I long to warm my old bones.
Time to pull out the heating pad!
Two timed
Been there, done that, this isn't our
first bout of deprivation. Last year
we were supposed to tour Brazil
with "A" and "V". Sadly, my new
job and a gut renovation prohibited
us for making the jaunt. This spring
we once again planned a Brazilian
odyssey only to cancel due to the
sale of my company. Luckily our
friends are quite patient. Unluckily,
we're left out in the cold to struggle
through another winter without a
tropical respite in sight!
Almost there
I actually love winter and rarely
find it all that depressing. A crisp
walk to the office in the bright
winter sun is almost as pleasing
as stroll down the beach... almost.
Waking up to a snowy fairy land
of white branches is almost as
sweet as mornings on a terrace
beneath a bougainvillea bower...
almost.  Layering cashmere and
fine wools under a fur is almost
as fun as hiding a bikini clad bod
under a silk caftan... almost!
Man over bored
The difference is that those moments
of bliss are much fewer and farther
between during the winter months.
Most of the time one is trying not to
slip on black ice or slogging through
slush. What I enjoy the least are the
long, gloomy days. While I've been
known to enjoy a cozy afternoon of
cocooning, a nap on a chaise lounge
pool side is so much more alluring.
Somehow a week away in a warm
climate gives us hope as we struggle
to survive another lengthy winter.
Lighten up
The best one can do is attempt
to brighten their outlook. "A"
just read a book entitled "The
Happiness Project". Much like
Norman Vincent Peale's "Power
of Positive Thinking", it's theory
is that if I think happy thoughts,
I will be happy! Now I have the
answer to my winter doldrums.
All I have to do is THINK of
sunshine and palm trees. Just
keep your head in a sunny spot.