Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Baby!

How old?
Today is my eldest daughter's birthday.
At this point she has finally reached an
age that neither of us want to celebrate.
Through good times and bad, we have
weathered life's struggles together. At
times it may have seemed like we were
not on the same team however I was
always at her side in spirit. Being her
parent has been an amazing journey to
complete surrender. You see, ultimately
I had to realize that no matter how much
I wanted to control my child's destiny,
she was in the drivers seat, speeding!
My shining star 
From birth on "E" has proudly and
boldly strutted her stuff. Over the
top, she's always exuded a level of
confidence rare in most children.
At around age three, she strutted
down the runway with her Mother.
About to exit the stage, Miss "E"
ran back and proceeded to dance,
bow, and bask in the applause.
When finally yanked off the stage,
she screamed with rage. You see,
if "E" had her way, the spotlight
would always be on her!
Against all odds
"E" is a woman of extremes, highs
and lows, peaks and valleys. Much
like her father, she has to learn the
hard way. In many ways she is a
pioneer. Whatever boundary is set,
she will stretch it to the maximum.
Long ago I figured out that this is
how she learns and grows. She's a
skeptic and therefore until she finds
proof, she will test any constraints
that are put upon her. She will not
accept the status quo. Living life to
the maximum twenty four seven!
Heart and soul
My girl has a heart bigger than
most. She will give until she has
little left for herself. All that she
truly wants is to be loved. For
many reasons she had to search
until she finally found it. Her
partner "K" balances her in ways
that are quite remarkable and at
times magical. Once "E" found
that haven of acceptance, she
built a better life based on a solid
foundation of true partnership.
Two are better than one!
My hero
Honestly, at times I can't believe how
challenging her life has been. Time
and time again, "E" has overcome
obstacles insurmountable for most.
Some have been of her own doing,
others completely out of her control.
A perfectionist, she is often unwilling
to compromise on key points or issues
that are of utmost importance to her.
Bravely she slowly but surely has dug
herself out of every hole. Somehow
she has the resolve deep within her
to usurp all foes and end up the victor.
Parental guidance
The moments I am most proud of
my daughter are as I watch her
raise her daughter. As usual "E"
threw herself into the task with
a passion and energy few could
match. Accepting her limitations,
she bravely embraced a parental
structure that put her child first.
Since then her innate ablity to be
the best parent ever has amazed
me. Her patience, compassion,
and uncompromising commitment
is inspiring to all blessed to see it.
Daddy's little girl
In the end she'll always be my
baby. None of us are perfect,
however we're all unique. "E"
is a rare and beautiful creature.
She's weathered life's storm to
ultimately survive the victor
In many ways we've grown
up together. Step by step we
become older and wiser. For
that gift I am eternally grateful.
Go ahead, blow out the candles!
You alone are proof that wishes
do come true! CELEBRATE!