Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Stop or forever hold your piece!

If at first you don't...
I'm the type who has to learn the
hard way. Never was that clearer
than at the end of my tenure at my
last firm. Not only was I totally
consumed with my job, I could
not stop working. I prided myself
on my multi tasking especially all
rapid fire responses via my trusty
Blackberry. I-Phone users... stop
laughing... KEEP READING!
Long ago and far away
It all seems so odd now, however only
ten years ago I remember viewing my
"crack berry" colleagues with more
than disdain. They sat distractedly in
meetings poised to pounce on a ping
or vibration. Then they would spin a
little toggle wheel on the side to glare
with glee. For many years I avoided
the mania. Then my CEO insisted that
I have one and any ability to maintain
work/life balance quickly disappeared.
Now linked in, I could immediately
chime in on any subject. CRACK!
No place to hide
You see once I got hooked on that
damned machine, I couldn't stop.
Subsequently my furor only grew.
I prided myself on my speedy and
immediate response rate. It only got
worse until finally, I rarely was able
to put the thing down and go to sleep.
Frank often chided and accused me
of having a love affair with my small,
black buddy. Ultimately I seemed to
focus on nothing but my berry and
in doing so, lost any ability to be
Twenty four seven
Then I worked for a man who knew
no boundaries. He traveled and lived
across time zones spewing an endless
dialogue about just about everything.
If one didn't respond immediately, it
just wound him up even more. Thus
the need to have my communication
tool at my side at all times. What was
oddest is that while he seemed to want
to "talk", in reality all he wanted was
a one sided conversation. In the end
it was all about him and never about
anyone else ESPECIALLY ME.
And then there was none
Finally it ended. I went through
rehab and ultimately joined a new
firm. The difference is that I now
maintain church and state. Two is
better than one. Every evening my
work unit goes into a drawer prior
to my first cocktail. As important,
it doesn't come out until after my
first cup of java the next morning.
Initially this exercise in self control
made me feel guilty. However after
a few evenings of peace I realized
When will it end?
Which leads me to the reason for
this missive. We all have to stop
the foolishness. Specifically those
endless digital diatribes that cc: the
world. Why does every recipient
feel compelled to respond? It gets
even more ludicrous evenings after
most of us have had a glass (two)
of vino. Suddenly everyone has
very strong and rambling thoughts
to spew and send. This voiciferous
vortex is driven by the fact that few
Us versus them?
Dear friends, I implore you to do
whatever it takes to stop the mania.
Your significant others, children,
and friends need some face time.
Please remember what that means,
real people interacting with real
people. Rather than be distracted,
put the damned thing down and
FOCUS. I promise, nobody from
work will miss you. So, go ahead
and live your life. Take control by
controlling what you can control.