Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ready to blow

Fully lit
I try to be a kind and patient man
It's a proven fact that I have a very,
let me repeat, very long fuse. That
means that if you screw up, I'll give
you multiple chances for redemption.
However... if you push the envelope
too many times... or are cruel, nasty,
or unkind to others... THAT'S IT.
While I may be more than a trusting
soul, I am nobody's fool. Therefore
think before you act and about what
may happen next. It's your decision.
Half full
I'm an optimist. Therefore my natural instinct is to hope for the best rather than expect the worst. That said, not everybody shares my rosy outlook. Skeptics serve a purpose. Often their jaded perspective is a wake up call to reality. Without them, I might continue to shake my pom poms even after we've lost the game.
Full circle
What goes around, comes around.
The hardest thing to accept is that
it rarely happens when we want it
to. In my youth disappointments
were often due to the weakness of
others. They simply didn't care for
anyone but themselves. Nothing is
harder than experiencing cruelty
or injustice. Once you pushed me
over the edge, it's impossible to
get me back. You see, you have
now shown your true colors and
from here on I'm color blind.
Fully cooked
When you're done, you're done.
After the smoke clears, it's often
hard to figure out exactly what
just happened. And yet... it may
be necessary to that one must
continue to coexist with those
who have just done you wrong.
That's probably one of the most
challenging aspects of life. We
may be required to forgive and
forget the unforgivable. In my
humble opinion, there may be
nothing harder or rewarding.
Redemption frees all involved.
Frankly I care little for the evil
perpetrators who benefit from
said forgiveness. While I hope
they've learned their lesson one
doubts they'll change their ways.
What's transformative is how
the process of renewal ennobles
and empowers those who are
willing to forgive. That's due
to the simple fact that a baptism
of fire not only teaches us, it
enriches beyond imagination.