Friday, February 7, 2014

Back where he belongs...

One plus one equals...
Today my beloved returns from
a three week sojourn in Montana.
While back home he got quite a
bit accomplished and made sure
the folks got to/from where ever
they had to go. But now he's here
to stay in Manhattan until Easter!
After almost nineteen years together,
it's truly hard to be apart. I'm half
the man I ought to be without my
better half. I guess that's why most
of us pair up. You see, together we
are better than apart. Love squared!
Which came first?
My Mother was a handful. A high
handed and opinionated handful.
While Ethel feigned being "shy",
she leveraged her aloof manner in
order to get what she wanted.
Howard was her total opposite.
No one could have asked for a
better friend. Kind, gracious, and
funny, my Father was a great guy.
His outgoing demeanor unruffled
many a feather after Ethel exited
a room. A formidable pair, when
together they truly ruled the roost.
Yin and yang
Having failed at one marriage,
I've often wondered what fuels
long term relationships. My
conclusion is that balance is
the secret. If two are too much
alike, it's much too much!
Frank's parents compliment
each other perfectly. As they
aged, this dynamic enabled
one to pick up when the other
was off. What could be better
than knowing that your lover
always has your back?
Holding pattern
In my opinion a comfortable friendship
or conviviality do not make a marriage.
The couples who truly stand out still
have a little sizzle left in their shared
bedrooms. My Father absolutely adored
my Mother. So much so that he frankly
couldn't keep his hands off her. Even
after Alzheimer's took his mind, the
moment she walked into a room, Dad
reached out his hand for hers. That
chemistry makes some loves rare and
magical. Innate physical energy joins
love to create an amalgam souls.
Security blanket
Any long term gig is not all
sunshine or lollipops. My Dad
was a horrific worrier whereas
Ethel was always ready for a
fight. If Howard had a crisis,
she had a solution. Growing
up I watched them navigate
life's challenges as a team.
Bolstering the other through
times that few could survive.
The key to their success was
trust. Their commitment and
confidence made them strong.
Love fest
As I think about what makes other duos
dynamic, I can't help but be thankful for
Frank. Right or wrong he's always there
to add a dose of reality. Kind and gentle,
his love has helped me overcome life's
worst nightmares. When cancer almost
took him, we fought it together through
every step to survival. I'd like to think
victory was due to God and the power
of partnership. Two are better than one!