Saturday, February 8, 2014

Just my type

Freudian twist
Many of you seem interested in how or
why I sit down and daily write this blog.
Frankly I don't have any explanation
beyond the fact that the act itself simply
makes me happy. As a boy my father
loathed his job as a banker. That meant
that every evening at our dinner table,
he ranted and raved about work. For
years after I suppressed any impulse to
discuss the office or life's frustrations.
In a knot
And yet, I needed some sort of
an outlet. A productive way to
work through my feelings and
opinions on so many subjects.
Rather than hold them in and tie
myself up in angst... I found a
way to share my thoughts with
friends at large. Blah, blah, blog!
Punch drunk
While it may seem that I'm often
ready for a fight, I'm actually a
happy guy. Life isn't perfect so I
grin and bear it. Within a forum
like this I write about things one
normally holds inside. My hope
is my cathartic cackling benefits
some of you. If not, SORRY!
Blind ambition
Never assume optimism blinds
my reality. While quite positive,
I do have opinions. Fortunately
within this sheltered nirvana I'm
comfortable spitting them out.
What's best is that I'm able to
banter with 500 friends daily.
A blessing this roué cherishes!
Group therapy
After all, we're in this together!
In the end you're in control.
It's your choice whether to read
or not, agree or disagree, laugh,
cry. No matter what happens on
your end, I'll continue to spew
what comes naturally via my
computer. Otherwise I might
end up sitting on some street
corner mumbling to myself!