Saturday, February 22, 2014


Snow day
Last Saturday it snowed all day here
in Manhattan. While quite lovely to
look at, we truly had no desire to go
out and brave the elements. Given
our fridge was full and we'd been out
late the evening before, the idea of a
day at home was more than appealing.
We simply didn't go out. Instead we
both hid at home, nibbled left overs,
napped, cuddled, and by the end of
our day had accomplished absolutely
nothing. And let me tell you... little to
nothing could have been more divine!
Hide and seek
Some may call it cocooning, others
could accuse us of suffering from a
major dose of agoraphobia. However
I think that most would agree that a
day spent home bound is decadently
indulgent. Post a long week of work,
social obligations, and time clocks,
to finally have the freedom to be as
sedentary as one wants is the perfect
antidote to stress. The only stressful
moments experienced were related
to deciding when to nap, what to eat,
and what to watch on the television!
Away from it all
One of the few luxuries that comes
with age is freedom. Gone are the
days of changing diapers or tending
toddlers. I marvel at parents today
who must spend the bulk of a day
shuttling their kids hither and yon.
After one's children leave the nest,
we're often quickly consumed with
caring for elderly parents. Now that
mine are gone, days like this make
up for the loss of my parents. Oddly
it feels that they are applauding my
staycation solitude from far above!
While we certainly live a comfortable
life, deep down we are simple people.
One of the greatest benefits to a being
paired is companionship. The luxury
of having somebody willing and ready
to share a day of utter isolation is a rare
gift indeed. I honestly don't know what
I would have done if Frank hadn't been
willing to join in the "fun". One thing
is certain. Had he forced me to traipse
around in the Saturday slush I would
have had grounds for a divorce due
to incompatibility or domestic abuse!
Pair of deuces
The older we get the more we enjoy
being together. For whatever reason
our relationship keeps getting better
with age. Our carefree compatibility
is truly a gift from God because it all
happens naturally. Which makes me
wonder why obviously incompatible
couples stay joined. Why spend the
rest of your life with someone who
you loathe rather than enjoy it solo?
Life is short and that's why it's truly
important to share it with someone
who actually enjoys your company.