Saturday, February 15, 2014

After the loving...

Out of the box
Frankly this blog has nothing
to do with it's title. However
it's safe to assume that the best
things in life involve some sort
of passion. An added dose of
zing helps makes the daily grind
exciting. What could be better
justification for my china craze?
Box seats
Now that Frank's settled back into his
city groove, every theater in Manhattan
should see a big uptick in attendance.
I revel at the sight of my beloved sitting
in a plush orchestra seat on the aisle.
If for no other reason, that thrill alone
is worth the price of admission. We've
been blessed to share magical moments
while sitting in the dark with hundreds
of strangers. While I adore the movies,
there's intimacy to live performances.
They electrifies one's soul in a way that
is uniquely life changing. BRAVO!
Corner table
Given my ever expanding waistline, it's
obvious that I adore all forms of food
and drink. However, I can't abide dining
alone. While some may find solace in a
paperback this man can't sip or sup solo.
My Montana Slim (Frank) also shares
a love for cuisine and yet somehow he
avoids any indication of physical proof
of indulgence. His passion is finding
new places to dine. Many enjoy seeing
him drag this reluctant debutante to each
new venue. He's rarely wrong and so...
Room with a view
We both love to shop and there are few
places where one can do it as well as
Manhattan. That said we're doing our
best to focus on getting the Passion Pit
ready to move into this May. Eighty
windows must be clad plus thousands
of square feet of walnut stained floors
that require something under foot. So
we're spending all of our spare time in
search of proper rugs and curtains. It's
a costly endeavor and I'm starting to
think that a peep show may be in our
new neighbor's future! WATCH OUT!
Garden of Eaton
Once we finish the inside, it will be
time to focus on the outside. That's
where Frank's passion will kick in.
Late in life he discovered gardening.
Since then he's spent every summer
in Montana under the big sky doing
what he loves best. Now it's time for
him to turn his attention to his own
back yard. I'm not sure what we'll
plant or where. However I'm certain
that he will put as much thought into
it as he does everything he cares for.
My man is a vulture for horticulture!
Passion fruit?
What is your passion? After years
of thinking it was my career, I must
confess I'm starting to question that
approach. Looking back the most
satisfying aspect of being a leader
has been the people one leads. They
have taught, enriched, inspired, and
fulfilled me in ways I can't describe.
It's time I channeled my energy into
something that gives back. After all,
the clock is ticking. Will my legacy
be a perfectly decorated manse in
Montana? Or something MORE?