Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How do you get from here to there?

It is what it is
Navigating life's challenges is
certainly an arduous journey.
Managing our familial dynamics
often demands the brain power
of a nuclear physicist. Layer on
top of that dealing with all sorts
of emotional turmoil created by
our friends and acquaintances.
If one is brutally honest, one has
to accept that life is quite rough.
What really matters?
Most of us compartmentalize our
lives and sadly the personal part
often only consumes evenings
and weekends. We simply don't
focus enough time on those who
will stick with us through it all.
Rather the majority of what little
emotional energy we have seems
to be centered on the workplace.
It's all about them
They say you can't choose who your
family is. Well, all of us do make the
initial decision about where we earn
our living. What most of us never
realize is that the office cocktail of
individuals one initially likes and
opts to join can quickly evolve into
a poisonous concoction. You see,
people are organic beings in a state
of constant change. That means
that any workplace is a Petrie dish
of wriggling, moving, ever evolving,
and occasionally confused creatures.
Why me?!
Everything worth anything involves
a risk. Therefore accepting a new
position requires gambling on one's
future. Things may be better, worse,
or rote. One takes a chance on what
a group of strangers tells them prior
to opting in. There's equal uncertainty
if one assumes that a sedentary stance
will avoid conflict. Nothing ever stays
the same so why can't you change?
You can't hide
Everything evolves whether we want it to or not. Even if you sit at the same desk for eons... your boss or boss' boss will come and go. Meanwhile new folks come in above the complacent. In the end one must question the benefit of "same old" given being the last survivor on a sinking ship isn't really winning.
Speak now or...
Whenever a company fails, people
mourn the "victims" left behind.
I can't help but query whether said
"survivors" were awake as the ill
patient was dying? Imagine what
they saw and heard... and yet they
sat and waited. Rather than assume
control of their own destiny, they
passively placed their future in the
hands of people they knew were fools.
Your one and only
Culpability ultimately lies in your
hands. The responsibility for you
is yours alone. While noble leaders
care, their ultimate goal may have
nothing to do with you. Therefore
I humbly suggest that you take
control of your destiny. In the end
nobody but you will be there after
the dust settles. So step up and
grab the wheel. It's all about you!