Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Heaven at seven
The night before last I spent several
hours sipping and supping with my
former boss, dear friend, and mentor.
We laughed of the fools and follies
we've known and experienced. His
kind words and affirmation touched
my weary heart. By evening's end
I left that corner booth invigorated
and renewed. One might surmise
that too many Manhattans plus a
bottle of Rioja ignited my after glow.
Actually his kind benevolence is
what made the night truly special.
Message from above
God brings people into our lives
for specific purposes. "Angels"
challenge, nurture, chide, affirm,
validate, revive, and sometimes
even hurt. Their role is to take
us to a better place which often
is not the most pleasant process.
At times in my life, dear friends
have had told me things I didn't
want to hear. Once made aware
of my (or other's) transgressions
the result was a drama tsunami
which was traumatizing at best.
Helping hands
Much like the shock of ripping
off a bandaid or Brazilian wax,
the short term pain was always
worth the long term gain. There
is nothing more beneficial than
the truth and often those most
dear must be it's bearer. Once
the dust settles, things always
are better because whatever it
was that created said drama has
been dealt with. When I look
back at life's most challenging
times, my angels were with me.
Side by side
Even today, my parents continue
to be two angels on my shoulders.
Whether it sounds crazy or not,
Ethel often whispers in my ear.
Most of the time it's to protect or
caution me. But sometimes it's a
murmur of pride and affirmation.
You see, my parents were always
my biggest fans and in their eyes
I could do wrong. Their fervent
love and support always made me
feel important. While long gone,
I still carry a bit of them with me.
Gabriel's trumpet
I'm not sure that my children feel the
same way about their Father. Every
child only wants to get a hug from
Dad, but sometimes what they really
need is a bitch slap. Last week I had
to tell my oldest daughter something
she did not want to hear. While not
a happy camper, she listened like a
trooper. You see, like it or not, she
knows that I love and understand her.
My hope is that she'll move forward
and be happy. After all, that's all any
parent really wants for their child.
Heaven sent
Over the years my better half has often
risked it all to simply tell me the truth.
He knew it was the last thing I wanted
to hear but stepped out and still said it.
Looking back on those times, all were
cross roads where fortunately, Frank
led me in the right direction. All these
years later I know that even if I had
taken the wrong path, he would have
helped me find my way. His calm,
kind, and strong hand have taken us
to places I doubt we would have ever
made it to had I been at the wheel.
Pray tell...
When was the last time you were
an angel? You'd be surprised at
how easy it is. I've been known
to slip the coat check woman a
twenty. One can only guess how
that extra influx of cash may have
changed her night! All I know is
that each of us have the power
to make this world a better place.
All you need is the desire to be
as helpful as possible no matter
the situation. Go ahead, step off
your cloud and act like an angel!