Saturday, December 7, 2019


Flipped out
Long ago somebody had a bright idea. Why
not celebrate something during the darkest
days of the year? Thousands of years hence
folks still try to brighten things up during
December. Pagan, Muslim, Jew, Christian,
atheist, or whatever else - most try to deflect
the natural gloom and doom that comes with
limited sun exposure. Whether that's dancing
naked around a bonfire, lighting up the town,
or taking a South American cruise. All too
soon this will be over. Yet it's hard to see the
forest for the trees when it's pitch black and
snowing and ten degrees below zero.

Watt about that?
While living in Manhattan it was easy to let
other turn us.on All we had to do was walk
to the end of our block to see the city's best
windows at Bergdorf Goodman. Then gaze
at the star suspended above Fifth Avenue at
57th Street. A few blocks south, the tree at
Rockefeller Center shone bright. Along with
the light show affixed to the entire facade of
Saks Fifth Avenue. When we lived in Dallas,
the homeowners in Highland Park hired folks
to cover every inch of their homes, trees, and
gardens with lights. Insuring that even the
gloomiest of Grinches are still enlightened.

Public transformation
Yesterday my youngest daughter and family
took a ride on the "Holiday El" in Chicago.
A train bedecked with lights, music, plus a
flatcar with a live Santa riding on his sleigh.
All for the same fare as an ordinary, mundane,
commute. Meanwhile in Michigan my eldest
daughter has had her tree up for over a month.
Last week here in Lewistown locals braved
frigid temperatures to stroll Main Street and
enjoy light festooned floats in our holiday
parade.  Hence no matter where one calls
home, somebody is trying to shed light on
our temporarily dark situation.

The light brigade
Most of us sit and wait for somebody else to
flip the switch. Allowing others to put in the
time and effort necessary to enlighten the rest
of us. Which is exactly what is going on in
Washington D.C. One of the greatest gifts
we Americans enjoy is our democracy. Thus
when dark forces threaten liberty, freedom,
and justice somebody has to draw a line in
the sand, snow, or political landscape. All in
the hope of shedding light on the truth. And
in the process protecting our constitutional
rights. Ample proof that even in the darkest
of times, good usurps evil. Truth trumps lies.