Monday, December 9, 2019

Old enough to know better

The rules of the game
No matter how we try to avoid conflict, it
seems somebody gets hurt in the process.
Deep within us all lurks an evil force. One
which drives some to do truly awful things.
Hence it must be kept in check. The golden
rule and laws of most lands being in essence
guard rails that help us to avoid accidents.
However even with the best of intentions
there are rogues amongst us. Those opt to
break all rules. To satiate their needs, wants,
and desires. At all costs. And inevitably to
the detriment of those who know them best.
Punished for crimes they know not of.

The devil is in the details
Selfishness is at the core of self indulgence. It
skews the odds in one's favor. When focused
solely on me, myself, and I it's all too easy to
become self-consumed. Leading to a dead end
that some may consider a perfect opportunity.
Enabling martyred "victims" of circumstances
to blame anybody but themselves. Along with
providing ample excuses which enable them
to inflict hateful pain on others in the name of
retribution. However rarely if never do two
wrongs make things right. Thus the end result
is equal or worse to whatever original sin is
fueling their hate. Therefore nobody wins.
Enough already
Contrary to Nancy Pelosi's recent retort -
everybody hates somebody. The devil is
in the details. All of which provide little
purpose beyond warping our perspective.
We all have been wronged by another.
Our only difference being how we deal
with injustice. Once the deed is done,
the choice between being a victim or
victor is yours alone. Some allow hatred
and resentment to fester and poison them.
Others move on. Walk away. Forgive and
forget. Living in the past deters forward
momentum. Isn't it time you grew up?!