Monday, December 30, 2019


Dirty little secrets
At least for me it seems that the simplest of
tasks are often accompanied by revelations.
Unloading the dishwasher clears my mind.
Cleaning the toilet flushes out new ideas.
Hence rather than dread most menial tasks
I welcome them. Time and time again I've
figured something out while doing my own
dirty work. Opening the way to innovation,
retrospection, plus the random illumination.
Motivation enough to keep things in order.
Or at least to clean up my act in the hope
that I will find at least some of the answers
that I've been searching for. Or... more.
House cleaning
It's best to keep an open mind. However in our
current political climate it's hard to do just that.
Most have a Pavlovian reaction to anything the
other side brings to the fore. In part because in
our efforts to manage our spheres of influence
limit our perspective. The only way to be open
to alternative ideas is to explore them. A process
that may be uncomfortable or barely tolerable.
While considering the other side may be hard
work - it's a necessary evil. All because diving
into what some deem the dark side just might
show us the light. And ultimately teach us a
lesson or two or ten thousand. Imagine that...
Hide or seek?
Someone once suggested the more the merrier.
There is no doubt there is safety in numbers.
An accumulation of data will lead to the truth.
Thus as relates to Mr. Trump's impeachment -
it's time we heard the whole story. Both sides.
Equal opportunity. Assuming all are innocent
until proven guilty theres no reason not to spill
your guts, open your heart, and tell it like it is.
Or is there? What are Donald J. Trump and
cohorts afraid of? The truth? If just that sets
one free why avoid the inevitable? Wouldn't
fact versus fiction enable America to finally
get back to our task at hand? DEMOCRACY!
Routine maintenance
While the above process while be a dirty one at
best, it's a necessary evil. As I said at the start
of this blog the most menial of tasks often yield
the biggest results. Some of our elected officials
want to avoid soiling their hands (and sullying
their reputations). Thus they prefer to get this
over as quickly as possible. Others want to drag
this impeachment out. Dragging our democracy
into the mud in the process. But what if we just
got the job done? Dig deep beneath the bravado
to reveal the truth and then... move on? And in
the end discover that America is the better for it.
Sooner or later the truth will find us out.