Tuesday, March 26, 2019


True or false?
For years I lied about my age. However
there comes a time in one's life when our
children become older than whatever
fantasy one attempts to maintain. Today
is my eldest's thirty ninth birthday and
given she's that old, its safe to assume
I've exited my forties... While we both
think that birthdays "blow," the truth is
we've both got something to celebrate.
As time marches on - the closer we get
to our individual comfort zones. In truth
one grow older (and wiser) today. But
we've both had to learn the hard way.
Apple of my eye
Elizabeth has always been over the top
and hence more than a handful. While
some claim that the apple doesn't fall
far from the tree, much like Sir Issac
Newton, this fruit of my flesh has had
to at times be hit on the head in order
to make sense of her challenges. From
her very beginning Elizabeth has made
many trips to the school of hard knocks
in order to gain wisdom. And while said
continuing education hasn't always been
the most pleasant of experiences, she's
done her homework the best she could.
On a roll
Today she's a vibrant, complex, and
at times exasperating beauty. And
I wouldn't have her any other way.
From the day she arrived she's ruled
the roost. Always a mother hen, she's
lived most of her life accompanied
by a cast of feathered, or furry friends.
There are few if any mothers who are
as protective or passionate about their
offspring as Elizabeth is. And to her
credit, my grand daughter is not only
a lovely young lady - she's an amazing
human being. Just like her Mother.
Forgive and forget
It hasn't always been easy. There have
been times (according to Liz) when
I've been at my best and worst. Yet
no matter our differences, Elizabeth
and I always seem able to kiss and
make up. Her evolution is constant
and ever-changing. And if nothing
else an improving process. Hence at
times when I thought I had lost her,
I rediscovered a new and even better
woman waiting to reconnect. Post
every reconciliation, we were older,
wiser, and beyond exhausted.
Live performance
Let's face it. I'm not a shrinking violet.
Hence it's no surprise that Elizabeth is
no wall flower. From day one she has
been the star of her show. At times as
dramatic as anything on "reality" TV -
she somehow overcomes all obstacles.
That's the most amazing quality about
my eldest. She's if nothing else beyond
a survivor. No matter the circumstances
she arises from the ashes a victor - not
victim. Which is why while I've often
been concerned, I never really worried
about her. In the end she'll be just fine!
Hello sunshine
The fact is she's been a ray of hope
and sunshine since the day she was
born. The first grand child, she was
adored by all. Post her arrival my
parents greeted her with armfuls of
daffodils from their garden. Years
thereafter, my mother always sent
a box full to laud Elizabeth's birth.
No wonder I think of her whenever
I see one poke its head above the
snow. As with my daughter, they
overcome insurmountable odds to
stand tall and blossom beautifully!
Better than ever
So today we celebrate my baby, love,
and treasure in all of her glory. "Liz" is
a fabulous wife, mother, sibling, friend,
and daughter. One who still surprises!
Which for her old man keeps my blood
pumping. All I can say is thanks for the
ride and... I couldn't be prouder of who
you have become. My wishes for you
are love, happiness, and peace of mind.
At this point, please stop trying to make
anybody happy but yourself. When you
are in a good place, we're all right there
with you! Happy Birthday - xoxo DAD