Saturday, July 18, 2015

What's so good about it?!

Temperate please
My patient better half rarely comments
on my missives. Proof that not only is
he wise, he's adept at avoiding disaster.
Yesterday he subtly suggested that I
may have been a tad too "negative"
over the last days. Given this blog is
an everyday occurrence it's driven by
whatever comes into my mind. Hence
for reasons I honestly can't explain I
took us to the dark side. Perception is
reality. However in reality I'm happy.
And so post Frank's gentle hint I feel
the need to accentuate the positive!
Good for what ails you
Maybe it's age creeping up on me.
My dear Mother was if nothing else
a bit bitter in her final years. For
many reasons she simply couldn't
see the bright side and hovered on
the brink of perpetual darkness.
Whatever good in this world was
outweighed by the bad. And oddly,
all of that negativity was beneficial
for Ethel. You see, if it was that bad
elsewhere, her sphere of influence
was a lot better. So in a way Mom
derived her joy from other's pain.
Lifetime fitness
Have I become my Mother? Please
God - NO! Actually I'm the eternal
optimist and always will be. Some
call me Pollyanna. Others accuse
me of being too kind. But I'll never
forget that time "N" said - "Ethel
raised you to be a gentleman not a
fool!" Accusatory admonitions aside,
I try to live my life by the Golden
Rule and by and large - that's been
beneficial for all involved. So while
I may have spent a brief sojourn on
the dark side, call me sunshine boy!
Take the plunge
Life can get you down. However
dragging oneself into the gutter
derives few results beyond getting
down and dirty. Thus believe it or
not I truly do try to rise above it.
And overall I'm certain that on a
daily basis I do just that. Whether
your glass is half empty or full is
driven by how you look at it. Our
happiness lies in our hands. Fact
is sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows
are all around us. We simply have
to be willing (and able) to see them!
Ready and waiting
Are you a positive person? If not,
why not? Negativity is if nothing
else a downer. Therefore we must
look on the upside. Let's try it...
wherever you are... whatever you
are doing... STOP. Now try to find
something beautiful, amazing, or
simply fascinating around you.
Ponder it. Savor it. Treasure it.
Happiness is always waiting yet
rarely within our radar. The fact
is that the good in our lives by far
outweighs the bad. Imagine that!
Immediate gratification
Sitting at my desk there's a plethora
of positive influences around me.
The painting above my desk not only
delights but carries the memory of
bagging it at an estate sale in Dallas.
The charming Mrs. Strong calendar
that Frank gives me each Christmas
not only keeps me on track, it daily
reminds me of his love. That rather
crude hand thrown brown dish was
made by my daughter "M" and hence
holds a special place in my heart.
And then there's the family pictures...
Fresh picked
Happiness is staring you in the face and
waiting to be savored. The simpler the
better. Appreciating what you have is
the easiest way to get a jolt out of life.
We simply have to embrace it's little
pleasures. Stop, look, and listen. More
important savor whatever life has to
offer. Who knows what may happen
tomorrow? Given it's out of our hands
why worry? The time for happiness is
now so... why wait? Nothing brings a
smile to your face like the ordinary.