Thursday, July 30, 2015

Here today - gone tomorrow!

Delayed reaction
Is it us or... them?! Nothing about air
travel seems to work anymore. Every
trip we've taken lately ends with some
sort of delay, cancelation, or mess. All
was smooth sailing on the way out. Yet
after an early awakening, checking in,
hitting security, and arriving at our gate
- our first flight of the trip was delayed
almost two hours. Meaning we missed
our connection. Given no seats on any
flights to Billings available for the rest
of the day, we had no choice but to stay
where we were stuck - overnight!
Stop and shop
That's where the bad news ends and
good news starts. Our dear friends
"A" and "V" live near our dead end.
After a call suggesting we dine out
that night they insisted we stay with
them. And so, we did. After all that
stress, pressure, tension, and angst
that only an airline delay can cause
suddenly we were in nirvana. And
post being pampered like kings - we
really didn't want to get back onto a
plane nor go home! Suddenly our
misfortune was beyond a blessing.
Delightful diversion
When's did you last turn lemons
into lemonade? One's friends often
have the ability to take you to the
bright side. Instantly their home
became our home. Like refugees
we arrived there with luggage plus
emotional baggage. The next hours
were like a chic quickie. By the next
morning we were refreshed, relaxed,
and very reluctant to depart. However
soon we'll host our hosts in Montana.
Our hope is they'll enjoy their visit
half as much as us! I'll drink to that!
Stop, drop, roll
Often crisis create lasting memories. An
old friend recently posted a picture of a
trim-a-tree party in my first apartment.
I don't remember much about that night.
However I vividly recall vacuuming in
preparation when suddenly disaster hit!
I'd purchased my first fresh balsam for
a pittance at a local discounter. Upon
bumping the tree stand with my Hoover
suddenly EVERY needle fell off into a
Charlie Brownesque mound below. Post
cleaning up the mess I quickly bought a
new tree before we could all hang out!
Surprise party
For many years since I've told
said tale of how a crisis became
a happy memory. It's proof that
one can turn almost anything bad
into something fabulous. All that
is required is a willingness to see
the good in caprice. The best laid
plans rarely yield the ultimate joy.
There is a thrill to happenstance
that seems to always deliver more
bang for one's angst. Could it be
that a higher being is doing their
best to make the wrong... right?
Wherever life takes you
Frank and I are basically opposites.
He's a half empty while I'm a half
full kind of guy. However my better
half is much better at traveling. He
can easily be rather adventurous on
the road. Whereas I strategize each
step and when a bump on said road
arises, I fall apart. Maybe it's time
for me to chill out and let go. It's
guaranteed that diversions will be
surprising. So at at this point why
not expect the unexpected? Next
time we fly - I'll  go with the flow!