Friday, July 3, 2015


And so... Fourth

Today marks the beginning
of one of summer's more celebratory weekends.
Given Friday is a national holiday
in honor of tomorrow's Fourth of July event -
you're all probably trying to figure out what to do.
So following are a few suggestions
about how to fill your next three days off.

Pack carefully

Take the road less traveled

Wait until you get there

Put the top down

Stop along the way

Avoid traffic

Fly away

Enjoy the ride

Feather your nest

Stay at home

Let it all hang out

Chill out

Enjoy the view

Spray away

Get a makeover

Nip and tuck

Sleep over...

Give it a whirl

Self medicate

Watch what you drink

Cowboy up

Shop till you drop

Step lively

Walk it off

Strut your stuff

Try something new

Take a snooze

Get married

No... seriously... get married

Dive in

Swim with the fishes

Bring a friend along

Satisfy your appetite

Kiss off!

Have a hula of a time

Keep your cool

Pump it up

Blast off!