Monday, October 13, 2014


When I was young, Howard spent
much of his leisure chronicling our
vacations. Hence I often wonder if
the only saw the scenery through a
lens. I'm not a photographer in fact
photography was my least favorite
class at Pratt. Today we transition
from Rome to Florence for a week.
While we love the Eternal City,
it's time for a change of scenery.
So I'll share some shots with all
of you. armchair travelers - sit
back, relax, and enjoy the ride!
Our apartment on Via dei Greci is totally Roman and quite lovely.
It's nice having a kitchen and dining room. We dined in several times.
And fortunately... whoever owns the apartment loves tabletop also...
From our living room we looked out at the back of Sant Atansio
While in the midst of it all, Via dei Greci is quite quiet.
Piazzas everywhere!
Hotel Minerva - the first place Frank stayed at while in Rome many years ago 
No wonder there are no obelisks left in Egypt... 
Pope Francis still draws a crowd
Saint Peter's still wows
And Romans will park anywhere 
I love the fountains
Near the Spanish Steps
And the shrines... everywhere!
Trastevere - almost as Italian as Disney World!
For Frank's Birthday we celebrated atop Il Pincio at Casina Valadier
Talk about SCHMALTZ!
Ostio Antica was Rome's Harbor from the 7th century BC until late 4th Century AD 
Ultimately abandoned, silt from the Tiber river buried what was left
Ultimately it was excavated and now is a national historic site 
Less than thirty minutes from Rome via Metro - it's as good as Pompeii
And if you enjoy history... magical!
While sacked for marble and statuary during the Baroque period 
One can still hang with the boys... 
And what is left is quite amazing
This one is for Julie...
And so as the sun sets we say farewell to the Eternal City...