Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Coniglio a go go
One of the things I most adore about
being in Europe is eating RABBIT.
This carnivore loves little more than
nibbling on the tasty meat of our furry
friends. Hence whenever I order hare
I rarely share. But that's not a problem
given most Americans get buggy if
I ingest any relative of Bugs Bunny.
Meat is meat. Even if my entree does
resemble Peter Cottontail - that doesn't
entitle you to suddenly become an
ardent and vocal member of PETA!
Time to crawl out of that rabbit hole!

Hare today...
While considered peasant fare, I'm
starting to think that the availability
of hare is in reality a symbol that
civilization still exists. While living
in Manhattan, I could easily visit my
butcher then braise a bunny. And so
the same applies in Rome or Florence.
Plentiful piles of perfectly prepared
critters lay ready to become dinner
at any market. Yet in Montana, the
land where everyone seems to have
a license to kill - nobody ever brings
me home a nice, big fat RABBIT.

Size matters?
Maybe that's because they're small.
After all, the bigger the target, the
easier it is to hit. Hence our easy
access to slabs of venison, elk, and
if we want it... mountain lion. We're
surrounded by cattle. A few ranches
even propagate bison for consumption.
But for some reason, nobody hunts or
raises rabbit. Obviously plentiful, it's
certain that there are plenty of hares.
So why can I easily purchase a pound
of ground nearly extinct species but
not a neatly dressed and lean lapin?

Freudian slip
Something is playing with our minds.
Association with a cartoon character
shouldn't necessarily insure aversion
to ingestion. In Texas many hunt and
eat the elusive wild hog. Here in Italy,
most menus sport wild boar which is
beyond delicious. I'm certain that some
fans of Porky may abhor a juicy chop
and Daffy would be appalled to see me
nibbling on his sibling a l'orange. And
let's not forget Bambi ragu! Why are
we able to eat those friends yet still go
Looney Tunes over Thumper stew?

America is going to pot
America needs to promote equal
opportunity protein consumption.
It's time that we all get over our
food phobias and start enjoying
the good life. If you're honest you
must admit that most of you have
already eaten rabbit. Remember
that chocolate bunny last Easter?
So why not do your part and help
control our rather active domestic
rabbit population? Braise, sauté,
fricassee, or roast your heart out.
Go ahead... HOP TO IT!