Monday, October 20, 2014

All roads lead to Rome

Return engagement
This morning we backtrack to Rome via high
speed train. Our one regret is that we couldn't
extend our Florence visit. Everything about
the city charmed except for the mosquitoes.
God is just. Sunday morning after Frank was
bitten, he sighted the nibbler who soon was
smitten! Victorious in battle, we return to
the Eternal City for our final week. Today
I'll share just a few shots from our lovely
Florentine diversion. Arrivederci Firenze!

Our apartment was in the Palazzo Rimbotti (Hermes Store) on Piazza Antinori 
Lovely spaces and details abounded in our Florentine "home"
Living the life in our Living Room
Sadly our guest room sat idle - next time join us!
Yes, this is the view out of all of our windows - you can almost touch the Duomo! 
Another view of the view - on the right is the Church of San Michael e Gaetano
A baroque masterpiece
In a city of renaissance masterpieces - Santa Maria Novella
Santa Croce
Santa Maria Del Fiore - The Duomo
If nothing else... dazzling
The Duomo (home) dome
Fresco in the Ufizzi Gallery
Over the top - top at the Ufizzi
Inlaid with mother of pearl
Every ceiling in the Ufizzi is amazing
Did you hear? EVERY CEILING! 
As you exit the Ufizzi - a river view...
Only one of many - Palazzo Bernardini
Outside the Belvedere
Palazzo Pitti Putti
Get a peace of the action
Feeling blue?
Climbing the walls?
Crossing the Arno
A summer day in late October
I can't resist a fountain
Or a spitoon
Or a rear view
I'm going on a water diet
Absolutely no wheat!
Maybe that will improve my perspective...
Look up Julie!
We spent a lovely day in the Boboli Gardens
We walked and walked...
What a lovely place
One almost feels like a super star while there
And the view? AMAZING...
From both sides now
Those Medici's knew how to live - Pitti Palace
The owned the town... literally...
However they preferred to not mix with the masses... so they had Vasari build a corridor.
PRIVATE - One kilometer long - lined with art - joining Palazzo Vecchio with Palazzo Pitti
And so, as our memories of Florence fade away... we return to Rome.