Monday, May 6, 2019

To everything there is a season

Five strikes against us?
Yesterday - Cinco de Mayo - it snowed here
in central Montana. After being dumped with
six inches last Sunday (above), it still came
as a shock. Yet why am I surprised? This blog
is in essence a historical record. A public diary
of who, what, when. Upon reviewing old posts
I frequently found this blogger discussing the
weather at the start of May. Both positive and
negative. And while I hope that yesterday was
our final white out, chances are it may happen
again. So why can't I just accept reality? What
motivates me to resist what obviously comes
naturally? Can't I enjoy the here and now?
Natural phenomena
Most humans resist going with the flow. For
many reasons we each try to control things
far beyond our ability to manage. Thus we
often make choices which are doomed from
the very start. In particular when it comes to
those we opt to share our lives with. Rather
than embrace the real target of our emotions,
we think we can change them. A concept that
is not only certain to fail but unnatural at best.
Don't get me wrong, we all evolve, grow, and
shift over a lifetime. However rarely can we
alter our true being. Hence assuming we have
that power over others is FOOLISH at best.
Weather or not
Instead of fighting our truth we each should
celebrate who we are. Constantly battling
natural forces is a futile endeavor. One that
only leads to frustration on all sides. Some
believe there is a reason for everything given
some supreme creator deals us whatever hand
we get. Others know that the mix of DNA we
end up makes us two we are today, tomorrow,
and always. Fortunately few attempt to alter
what comes naturally to disastrous effect. So
we are who we are. Both the good, bad, and
ugly. And in addition, the fabulous, fantastic,
and deplorable. It is what it is. Get over it.
Positive outlook
Post another bitch slap of natural phenomena
may I suggest we be thankful for all that we
have? Looking out of the window yesterday,
the snow was beautiful. And fortunately, by
the end of the day most of it was gone. The
good balancing any negative impact. Plus
all of that white stuff added moisture to our
terra firma. Temps never hit below freezing.
Therefore Sunday's stormy weather provides
a context from which to compare the beautiful
days and months ahead. I guess it wasn't that
bad after all! And probably was good for us.
It's all how you look life. Chill baby... chill!