Saturday, May 18, 2019


Checked out?
I often wonder what my friends and neighbors
think. Seeing me wander the aisles of our local
grocer, they must assume I've lost it. A theory
which more often than not would be correct.
Don't ask me why but I find the responsibility
of stocking our larder overwhelming. For most
of my life I stopped and shopped on my way
home from work. Buying just enough to satisfy
our immediate needs. Hence checking off one's
list was limited to the capricious state of here
and now. Thus I considered a trip to the grocer
as a rather carefree task. Rather than a totally
stress filled - all consuming responsibility.
Passive aggressive?
Nowadays I try to plan ahead. Partly in a feeble
attempt to limit our consumption within a finite
budget. In days of yore we bought whatever we
wanted when we wanted it. Focusing on what
was fresh rather than on sale. Now that we've
shifted our purchasing to a more judicious mode,
I approach grocery shopping in a more defensive
manner. Spending the days prior to a shopping
excursion making my list, identifying deals, and
prioritizing our investment. All of which means
planning head versus instant gratification. An
approach that frankly I've never been good at.
Thus my attempt at budgeting is poor at best.
Three times a charm?
In theory technology is our friend. And in the
case of our grocer, it's proprietary "app" truly
does help me save money. Plus it monitors the
points we earn with every purchase. And finally
it offers us access to special deals on the things
we buy regularly. Then of course there are the
weekly sales which rarely are on the things that
we never seem t want. Plus a compendium of
items we actually need. Therefore by the time
we finally hit the aisles - I'm tasked with juggle
three lists. Plus stopping and chatting with all
who I encounter along the way. No wonder I'm
quite exhausted by the time I check off my list.
Basket case?
Given multi-tasking was never my strong suit,
all of the above explains why I'm in a haze at
the grocer. And why there is a strong chance
that I'll walk past without even noticing you.
The fact is I no longer enjoy shopping. In fact
I dread it. Which may be why part of me wants
to go back to the way things were. To a carefree
time when all I needed to figure out was that
evening's repast. Could my attempt to manage
our intake be pound foolish rather than penny
wise? Is it possible that my recipe for savings
is nothing more than a distasteful exercise in
utility? Should I just give up and  bag it?!
Off the market?
The older I get the harder even the simplest of
tasks become. Everything seems to be much
harder than I used to think it was. Or maybe...
my problem is just that. Could it be that I'm
over thinking the most basic of human needs.
Since the dawn of mankind we humans have
hunted and pecked for sustenance as the spirit
moved. Which causes me to think that even
attempting to plan a weeks worth of meals if
foolhardy at best. Maybe the best thing is to
go with the flow. Grocer shop if and when the
spirit moves me. Spending my time on things
that are more important than coupons.