Saturday, May 25, 2019


Different but equal?
Nowadays, nothing surprises most
of us. Hence there are few time that
on hears something truly shocking.
Such irrational behavior are rarely
capricious. More frequently than
not it's purposefully planned prior.
Strategically implemented for shock
value alone. Thus some folks do or
say the most ridiculous things with
purpose. Shock value aside, we all
see things in different ways. So why
is it so hard for some of us to accept
anybody or anything out of the norm?
Above all else
At some point even the best of us feel
out of sorts. Forces beyond our control
redefine the status quo. The fact is we
all evolve. Thus in one way or another
we're constantly moving targets. If one
assumes that change is inevitable, why
are so many unwilling to explore their
alternatives? To see life via a different
perspective? And to learn from others?
Sadly many consider anything different
to be a negative influence. Rather than
viable alternative. What is right versus
wrong? Blue or red? Odd or ordinary?
Limited visibility
Like our President, I'm more than a bit
spoiled. After working myself almost
to death, I'm able to rest on my laurels.
And live in a way I'm accustomed to.
That was fine in Manhattan where I
happily hovered near the bottom of a
gilded barrel. However post moving to
Montana, I had to adjust my priorities.
Rethinking all preconceptions of what
is "normal." Now out of context - I try
to co-exist in a place where in theory
I don't belong. Fortunately the "locals"
graciously adjusted to me being... me.
Opposites attract
We can't change who we are. Which
is why we all have to love others as
we love ourselves. In the end it takes
all kinds to make our world a better
place. That's what makes America
great. DIVERSITY. The fact is that
normality is if nothing else a state of
suspended animation. One where few
if any of us grow, learn, or even try
to reach new heights. In the end we
all can learn from the other. All that
is required is a willingness to accept
others for who they are and... aren't.