Friday, May 24, 2019


Spoon fed
I know I shouldn't but I hate Instagram. While
I realize that it's amongst the hippest of social
media, I simply don't get it. To me scrolling
through Instagram is akin to being invited to
some body's home to see their vacation slides.
While initially interesting, it quickly becomes
tiresome. Add that I struggle with the impact
of social media on our culture, relationships,
and interactions. Which is why my youngest
daughter no longer frequents facebook. In a
time when our President "tweets" personal
attacks, promotes of his business, and spews
public policy I frequently consider opting out.
Father knows best
Then suddenly something happens to restore my
faith in humanity. This week my grandson "H"
turned four. On his birthday his father posted a
loving tribute on Instagram. One so touching that
I started to cry as I read it. What was obvious is
that even at a young age - he knows and loves
his son for who he is. Filled with love, vivid
insights, and optimism, my son-in-law's message
was one of hope. And a reminder that maybe...
my generation wasn't as bad at parenting as we
all think we were. Our offspring - our future - are
amazing people. Men and women who somehow
grew up to be exactly what we wanted... fabulous!
How firm a foundation
As tots we taught our children that boys and girls
now men and women are equals. That the color
of your skin didn't matter whereas who you were
did. In hindsight, maybe, just maybe all of that
chauffeuring between ballet class, soccer games,
and taekwondo really did pay off. We told them
that they could do and be anything they wanted.
Which is exactly what they've done. Some have
risen to new heights in the corporate world. As
others have soared above it all by opting to make
the right choices for they themselves. And in the
case of my children of divorce have grown up to
be committed and passionate partners and parents.
All of that and more gives me hope. President
Trump and his cohorts have stepped up their
efforts to assault many of the freedoms that my
kids value. Which makes the next Presidential
election in 2020 all the more important. Are
they going to enable him to rob them of their
equality? Will they allow him to destroy our
environment? Is it possible that my daughters
will accept somebody else taking away their
control of their bodies? Knowing my kids all
too well, I highly doubt that will happen. It's
their time to shine. And I'm confident they
will do the right thing. The future is THEIRS!