Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Sweet or sour?
Sometimes life sucks. Often it's all too easy
to be bitter. Even if some suggest that if we
end up with lemons, make lemonade. Sadly
it seems that being squeezed is a guarantee
on a daily basis. Thus it can be surprising
that somehow we survive. And in the end
come to the conclusion that even if under
pressure, the good and bad of it are worth
the effort. Given the choice, most of us try
to do the right thing. Yet rarely is coming to
a conclusion as easy as it seems. Each and
every option has a residual impact. Thus we
all must live with our decisions ad infinitum.
Today or tomorrow?
Long ago, a teenager gave birth to a little boy.
Obviously a mistake, I can only imagine what
she went through. Sadness, rejection, regrets,
anger, and ultimately loss. However out of
such unfortunate circumstances came good.
Soon thereafter she made a huge sacrifice in
giving her child up for adoption. And in doing
so offering my adoptive parents a new lease
on life. Post losing their natural daughter at
age fourteen, they were ready to start anew.
And subsequently gave me more love that
she ever imagined. Thus my natural mother's
misfortune enabled me to live a happy life.
Good or bad?
At some point we all find out that there are no
easy answers. Nothing is black or white. Each
of us must make our own decisions. And little
is more personal than moral dilemmas. Except
when they involve our bodies themselves. As
an adoptee, I am grateful that my very young
Mother chose to give birth to me. Unaware of
further details of her pregnancy, chances are
she had ample reasons to NOT do so. However
back then she had no other legal option. Today
women have a choice. Yet whatever path that
a woman chooses it's certain sure to be beyond
hard. After all, it's a life or death decision.
Right or wrong?
Having the ability to make an educated decision
is what makes us all too human. I owe my life to
adoption. But does that give me the right to force
any woman to give birth to a child? Ultimately
the choice must be her's alone. Opting to give
life to a child or not, has lifelong impact on all
involved. Hence I have no right to dictate my
morals on others as I see fit. Nor do you. Good,
bad, or ugly, the decision is a very personal one.
Therefore even if others like you may have very
strong and fervent opinions to the contrary -
freedom of choice is what makes America great.
An equal opportunity for men and women alike.
Mine or yours?
I realize that stating the above makes some of you
very uncomfortable. I know that many consider
abortion murder. Surprisingly, this blue Democrat
tends to morally concur with that idea. However
where we disagree when it comes to legislating
morality. Roe versus Wade insures that women
have control over their bodies. And that given a
choice, she will make the right decision. Nobody
else has the right to force a woman to do anything
against her free will. Hence the choice must be
her's no matter the consequences. Depending on
the outcome, she will live with it for the rest of her
life. Whether you think it was right... or wrong.