Saturday, June 23, 2018

Parental guidance suggested

Young Philistines
Few are able to deny the impact of
heredity. Nor reject the theory that
the way a child is raised impacts
their development. However if you
disagree, I suggest you go to all of
the places families frequent. You'll
discover the sad reality that the next
generation is being raised in the way
they shouldn't go... and thus have
no choice but to follow our lead...

Leave it at home
Sadly most kids lack a repertoire of
proper table manners. Hence at most
"family" eateries tots are free to act
in the most unappetizing of manners
while their parents look the other way.
How unfair it is to subject the rest of
us to a food fight? Or to ignore one's
offspring as they scream in an attempt
to hit record decibel levels? Causing
the rest of us to lose our appetites!
Take it outside!
You see, as society lowers it's standards
children are dragged through the muck.
A statement that may seem harsh yet it's
the truth. When we interact with families
whose parents lack leadership it hurts all
of us - especially untethered tots. Why
would any parent assume that a church
full of sinners wants to hear their child
wail away. Back in my day one quickly
exited with a noisy baby. Now parents
sit and allow their child's cries to usurp
the homily. So instead of resenting their
kids, it's the adults who need discipline.
Who's in charge?
For reasons beyond our control the power
shifted. Satisfying and indulging the needs,
wants, desires, and schedules of children
has become society's raison d'etre. While
I'm certain the kiddies love the indulgence,
what they truly crave and need is structure.
Parents have a responsibility to raise their
children "in the way they should go". And
to achieve that requires assuming the role
of teacher, authority, protector, and leader.
Time to grow up 
Maybe it's all our fault. Could our generation
have dropped the ball? Rebellious, we opted
to be our children's friends. The end result
being a cordial yet dysfunctional alliance.
While not perfect my parents ruled the roost.
Thus every lesson in demeanor and decorum
was of great benefit. Which causes me to beg
all parents of tyrannical tots to please grow
up before it's too late! Do us all a favor take
full responsibility for the ones you love now!