Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Whose on first?
Yesterday was Monday. My issue
was that I didn't realize it. Hence
when Frank asked where someone
was my answer was "Not there, he
takes Fridays off." Next I dropped
a box at the shipper and asked the
owner "Will that go out tonight?"
"I'd hate for it to sit all weekend."
Obviously thinking it's Friday as
everyone else is starting the week
is a bit off. Therefore most of my
days are simply a blur. Given I've
no clue as to what day it actually is.
Who knew?
Everyone assumes that if you are
not at work you have little to do.
Yet nothing could be further from
the truth. Living according to one's
own clock means there's no actual
beginning or end to each day. Thus
it's simply an endless list of tasks,
appointments, responsibilities, and
random fun. One thing is certain.
I'm making no commitments that
might encumber me until well into
winter. Thus my Montana summer
will be spent under the BIG SKY!
What was I thinking?
Meanwhile I'll continue to have NO
idea what day it is and feel that I've
forgotten something. After years of
always being responsible, it's not so
easy to be free and easy. So while it
might appear that I'm a bit lost - I'm
actually more than comfortable over
my head in a sea of ambiguity. My
only struggle being the reality that
I'm in control of me and not another
soul. Which at times is a rather odd
yet glorious sensation. And with no
one to account to, I go with my flow!
Why me?
But don't assume it's all perfect.
One of my daily struggles is the
simple act of brewing coffee. For
many reasons I'm a mess! Often
I pour my freshly ground locally
roasted beans onto the counter
or fill the Bodum so full that it
spews brew as I push the plunger.
Not a dawn goes by that I don't
screw up the java. And yet given
my busy schedule I've got to get
going. So I do whatever it takes
to wake up and smell the coffee.
Just you wait
It must be hard for any worker bees
to read such drivel. After all, you're
still deep in the salt mines working
for "the man" as I go on and on. Let
me make one thing clear - I earned
this time in my life. For eons all that
I did was go to work. Someday either
due to planning or luck you'll land in
the same place. Until then, don't be
envious. Whatever phase of life one
is lucky to be amidst - each day is a
step towards the end. Hence before
you know it you'll be over and out!