Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Closed quarters
I recently saw a statistic that we are the first
generation of humankind to spend over 90%
of our time indoors. Which makes me recall
those science fiction movies we saw as kids.
While Scott Pruitt may be trying to destroy
our environment, to date we've not yet been
forced to be hermetically sealed like the folks
in Logan's Run. Nor turn to cannibalism a la
Soylent Green. Instead technology is keeping
us indoors. Meaning that our lack of external
exposure is self inflicted and at least in theory
a matter of personal choice. So why are many
of us happy living in versus on the outs?
Dog days
Climate control seems to be the primary cause
of our collective internal combustion. Having
lived in two extremes, Dallas and Minneapolis,
I can assure you that staying in is a necessary
evil in some places. Wherever one is - we all
must survive the climatic equivilent to winter.
The only difference being hot or cold. Early
on a Dallas spring becomes summer becomes
hell on earth. Thus one spends most of their
time in air conditioned splendor. In part due
to avoiding burning the soles of your feet on
the pavement BEFORE jumping into the pool
on a sunny 110 degree afternoon.
Outer limits
An opposite and yet comparable approach is
required in Minneapolis. Given temperatures
hover in double digits below freezing much
of the winter, one goes to work via a heated
vehicle stored in a heated garage to another
heated garage. Then walks about downtown
via a network of warm and toasty "sky walks."
Hence taking a stroll outside was a rare event
for almost six months out of the year. Yet as
it warms up - and we're talking above thirty -
it's not unusual to see folks strolling out and
about in shorts. You see, even the most cold
blooded must occasionally out themselves.
Urbane zoning
Having lived much of my life in big cities, one
might assume that I stayed indoors. However
nothing could be further from the truth. Much
of getting from here to there in Manhattan must
happen afoot. Therefore city dwellers are in fact
over exposed to the elements much of the year.
And when given the chance, eagerly flock to any
outdoor venue as the weather allows. Meaning
that on a beautiful day or the weekend the city's
parks are packed with nature lovers. The fact of
which causes me to wonder who these supposed
hermetically sealed hermits are? Could it be that
young folks are innnies not outies?
Moving targets
I've no doubt many of the most self-consumed
behavior is driven by personal electronics. But
I question assuming we're self-contained under
some roof versus cloud. The beauty of mobile
 technology is that it's that one can "connect"
wherever, whenever. And while I loathe those
who teleconference from a mountain trails - it's
better than the alternative. Which causes me to
offer this suggestion. Rather than be "shut-ins"
might why can't we become "shut-offs"?! Isn't
it better to stop and smell the roses rather than
snap and share an Instagram pictures of them?
Theres a big world out there. TURN IT OFF.