Monday, May 14, 2018


Betwixt and between
Wherever one resides, we all struggle with
transitioning from season to season. Hence
as the days go on... change is INEVITABLE.
However when it comes to dramatic shifts in
natural phenomena - our attempts to control
our environment are futile at best. Since the
start of May the weather has been glorious
here in central Montana. So much so that we
turned off the heat. However over the past
days things took a turn for the worst. The end
result being a climate of discontent. Forcing
us to live in an environmental crisis. While
I like "chilling" at home, this is NOT cool!
Blue note
Finding oneself the victim of self-imposed
circumstances isn't the coolest of realizations.
Yet once one has flipped their switch it's hard
to go back. Obviously we could rev up our
furnace and turn up the thermostat. However
knowing that ultimately the sun shall rise -
we're stubbornly committed to cooling our
heels rather than rising to our circumstances.
That is as long as we don't catch pneumonia
in the process. And it's that unwillingness to
adjust to reality that cause many to struggle
during times such as these. Especially when
we've no idea whether to run hot... or cold.
Mood indigo
Back in Manhattan, the seasonal transition is
always rough. Believe it or not, the majority
of the Big Apple's mega monoliths have one
heating and cooling system. Meaning that at
some point somebody at the bottom (as in sub
basement number four) must flip their switch
from heat to cool or visa versa. And given that
the last thing one can depend on is the weather,
most of us end up stuck in the wrong place at
the wrong time. Last October we boiled in our
Manhattan apartment once they shifted from
air conditioning to heat. Whereas in May we
froze along with the flowers on chilly days.
Hell on earth
Think about it. We can put a man on the moon
and yet we seem to be unable to adjust to our
circumstances. Somehow car manufacturers
have figured this out. At least in my vehicle -
all one has to do is select their temperature and
the unit will turn up the heat or cool things off
as necessary. So why can't we do the same at
home and at work? If nothing else feeling our
limitations is a reminder that we humans must
constantly learn from our mistakes. And slowly
but surely figure out a better way to make life
all the better. Ultimately all good things come
to those who wait. Or chill... or sweat it out!
Fire insurance
To be honest, most of us are never happy. All
too soon Mother Nature will turn up the heat
and we'll be too hot for comfort. Given misery
loves company, that's just fine with me. Frank's
moniker for his significant other is "Two Temp."
That's because I'm either HOT or COLD and
nothing else. Meaning I'm vacillate between
a boiling point and freezing to death. Whether
my condition is due to "man-oh-pause" or too
much weight isn't of issue. What bothers me
most is that I can't control my thermostat let
alone any other. So all I can do is accept life's
extremes. As should we all. At least for now!