Saturday, May 19, 2018


Group on
Whether we like it or not, we're all in this
together. Meaning that by and large life is
a group effort. Traveling en masse is rarely
the most pleasant of endeavors. Nor are
pressing situations such as a subway during
rush hour. However there are times when
doing anything all together is comforting.
Whether due to misery loving company or
that there's safety in numbers doesn't matter.
What's important is realizing that we're not
alone. And that the end result of any team
effort is either pablum or innovation. Thus
whoever is leading the brood sets the mood.
Every day heroes
OK friends... while the perfect set up... I'm not
going to focus on our President today. Rather,
I want to reinforce the important role that each
and every one of us plays on a daily basis. At
some point in all of our lives we end up in the
drivers seat. The sum total of how many come
along for said ride is of no importance. Rather,
the trip itself plus reaching a viable conclusion
is what matters. Therefore each and everyone
of us have an opportunity to lead. And in fact,
the key drivers of our collective future often
hold the humblest of roles. Be they a parent,
teacher, manager, mentor, or garbage man.
Brute force?
For reasons that I can't quite comprehend we
seem to have forgotten just how important
the little things in life are. Thus while being
a billionaire may be wonderful, screaming
"you're fired" is not what leadership is about.
Rather whoever is in charge of whatever has
the responsibility to nurture, educate, and
occasionally discipline whomever is within
their charge. Inevitably those who matter the
most are those who dedicate their lives to the
service of others. In essence and practice they
lead by example. Proving that one needn't be
a power broker in order to empower others.
Continuing education
Looking back there are several key people who
impacted my life for the better. Most of whom
were teachers. Who knows why they chose me?
Nor what they saw within the blank canvas who
sat before them. Somehow they masterfully got
the best of me. And it's all because of them that
I ultimately was able to live a life well spent.
Sadly it's more than obvious that our society at
large has little appreciation for educators. Why
are teachers in states across America forced to
go on strike in order to simply earn a fair wage?
A fact which demonstrates that the rest of us are
ignorant at best. Come on... how stupid are we?
Prognosis negative
In my opinion we've lost our way in our effort
to be successful. Spending one's life acquiring
material goods is no guarantee that somebody
will love and care for you in your final days.
Obviously rich folks can pay for whatever they
need. However ultimately they must depend on
the kindness of strangers. Yet I find the sad fact
that those who will change our diapers or dole
out our meds remain amongst the lowest paid
workers in the medical arena beyond offensive.
Further evidence that our collective priorities
are askew. Somehow we've forgotten what is
important. Or maybe we just don't care.
It may seem old fashioned but there is nothing
more important than a job well done. And give
human nature is what it is - being compensated
properly for said endeavor while being treated
with respect is the only way to insure just that.
Productivity, output, and quality control rely
on investing in the workers themselves. So the
next time you bitch about bad service, pause to
reflect on how you would feel if you were on
the other side. What would motivate you to do
your best? Somehow I'm fairly certain that
"shareholder value" wouldn't be all that high
on your list. No wonder we've lost our way.
Dirty work
The American dream may have been built on
a foundation of equality. Yet most of us have
no problem berating our peers who serve us
subservient roles. Even worst, in our quest to
get the maximum for the minimum we support
a system that insures those on the front line are
paid next to nothing. Not only is said approach
inhumane, it's obviously not working. I don't
know about you but I need those people more
than they need a paycheck. Hence the guy who
cuts my lawn is my hero. As is anyone willing
to clean my toilet. It's hardworking folks like
them that make our world a better place!
Service with a smile
Isn't it time that somebody showed the rest of
us a better way? Each and every one of us can
make a difference on a daily basis. Which isn't
rocket science. Delivering a job well done or
aying "thank you" and treating others with due
respect should always be business as usual. As
one of many - each of us has a responsibility to
empower those with whom we come in contact.
So given we're all in this together, isn't it smart
to invest in those within our immediate reach?
Show them the way by making sure everybody
is recognized for their contributions no matter
how big or small. ALL TOGETHER NOW...